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NAME: gal VERSION: 0.22 RELEASE: 1 SUMMARY: The GNOME Application Library URL: http://www.gnome.org DISTRIBUTION: Cygwin GNOME 1.4 VENDOR: LICENSE: GPL PACKAGER: Hansom Young <glyoung@users.sourceforge.net> GROUP: System Environment/Libraries OS: Cygwin ARCH: i586 REQUIRES: cygwin(>=1.3.17) gtk12(>=1.2.7) gnome-vfs libiconv2 libxml SOURCE: ftp://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/unstable/sources/gal/gal-0.22.tar.gz DESCRIPTION: A collection of reuseable GNOME widgets and utility functions. . This module contains some library functions that came from Gnumeric and Evolution. The idea is to reuse the code across various larger GNOME applications that might want to use it. ----- setup.hint ---------------------------------- @ gal category: GNOME-libs sdesc: "gal - The GNOME Application Library" lsdec: "A collection of reuseable GNOME widgets and utility functions." requires: cygwin gtk gnome-vfs libiconv2 libxml curr: 0.22-1 prev: 0.19-1 @ gal-devel category: GNOME-libs GNOME-devel sdesc: "Libraries and include files for the G App library." lsdec: "The gal-devel package includes the static libraries and header files for the gal package. Install gal-devel if you want to develop programs which will use gal. " requires: gtk-devel gnome-vfs-devel libxml-devel curr: 0.22-1 prev: 0.19-1 ---------------------------------------------------------- About this Cygwin port: ----------------------- Built with Steven O'Brian's Cygwin GNOME patches and instructions http://homepage.ntlworld.com/steven.obrien2/. Built on cygwin-1.3.20, with gcc-3.2, binutils-20021107, libiconv-1.8 and gtk+-1.2.10, gnome-vfs-1.0.5, libxml-1.8.17. Not yet tested on other configuration. Change Log ---------- Feb 27, 2003 0.22 Updated to 1.0.19, built with Steven O'Brian's patch 20030128 Sep 21, 2002 0.19.1 Updated to 0.19.1, built from RedHat 7.3 source package, with Steven O'Brian's patch 20020712 Aug 12, 2002 0.8 First Cygwin release, built from RedHat 7.2 source package, with Steven O'Brian's patch 20020624 Build gal for Cygwin: --------------------------- 1. In order to build gal by yourself, you need some GNOME libraries, such as gtk+, libxml, gnome-vfs, etc. The source package of GNOME libraries could be found on ftp://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/stable/sources/. Latest unstable version of gal could be found at ftp://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/unstable/sources/gal Patches for Cygwin port of GNOME libraries is contributed and maintained by Steven O'Brian, at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/steven.obrien2/. The latest patch is for gal-0.22 when writing this README. A collection of binary package of GNOME libraries built for Cygwin could be found on the Cygwin GNOME project http://cygnome.sourceforge.net. 2. Start building: - Unpack the source tarball of gal-1.0.22 - $ patch -p1 -b < gal-0.22-cygwin.patch - $ CFLAGS=-O2 ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnome - $ make - $ make DESTDIR=/some/where install
Source: gal-0.22.README, updated 2003-03-02