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NAME: hypersrc VERSION: 5.3.9 RELEASE: 1 SUMMARY: hypersrc is a GUI program for browsing source code DISTRIBUTION: Cygwin GNOME 1.4 <http://cygnome.sourcefoge.net> VENDOR: LICENSE: GPL PACKAGER: Hansom Young <glyoung@users.sourceforge.net> GROUP: Development/Tools OS: Cygwin ARCH: i586 URL: http://www.jimbrooks.org/web/hypersrc/hypersrc.html SOURCE: ftp://ftp.jimbrooks.org/hypersrc/hypersrc-5.3.9.tar.gz REQUIRES: ctags perl glib-1.2 gtk-1.2 gnome-libs-1.4 DESCRIPTION: hypersrc is a GUI program for browsing source code, built with GTK+. It provides a list widget containing sorted source code tags. A programmer can click a tag to hyperlink to a particular tagged line in a source code file. Notes ------ * It requires "Exuberant ctags" 3.2 (or newer) by Darren Hiebert (The Cygwin official ctags is "Exuberant ctags".) * Don't use hypersrc.exe directly, use the provided Perl script "Hypersrc.pl" to run hypersrc. See "Hypersrc.pl --help" Examples: Hypersrc.pl # browse C based on CWD (descends a few subdirs) Hypersrc.pl src/gui src/inc # browse C in two dirs (descends a few subdirs) Hypersrc.pl *.f77 # browse Fortran files (in CWD only) Hypersrc.pl myprog/perl # this will browse C files, not Perl scripts Hypersrc.pl myprog/perl/*.pl # this will browse Perl scripts Refer /opt/gnome/doc/ctags-5.3.9/README.txt and hypersrc(1) for detail info. About this Cygwin port ------------------------- Built on cygwin 1.3.18, with gcc-3.2, binutils-20021107 and glib-1.2.10, gtk-1.2.10, gnome-libs-1.4.2. Change Log ---------- Nov 20, 2002 2.1.6 First Cygwin port, built from RedHat 7.2 source package. Feb 20, 2003 5.3.6 Kept up with latest source 5.3.6. Build hypersrc for Cygwin ------------------------- First, make sure you have all GNOME libraries (and corresponding include files and libraries) installed on Cygwin. A collection of prebuild binary package of glib, ORBit, libxml could be found on the Cygwin GNOME project (http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/cygnome). If you want to build GNOME libraries by yourself, you can find patches and instructions on building GNOME on Cygwin at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/steven.obrien2/ It is contributed and maintained by Steven O'Brian. No patch required to build hypersrc, and nothing special in the building procedure - Unpack the source tarball of hypersrc-5.3.9.tar.gz - make - make install
Source: hypersrc-5.3.9.README, updated 2003-02-20