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The Cryptographic Hash Functions UNO Component for computes hashes (message digests) of text and files using following hashing algorithms: MD2, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512

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  • gregmellott
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    I've since had LIbre Office acting oddly and even stopping in its tracks with error messages and at time with none. I'll try to run down how much this macro may be involved. In any case a install of the previous version of Libre Office eventually did the same thing. [My previous review. ->] I've greatly appreciated having the potential to generate checksum values for files and text as being a part of Libre and Open Office. I noted the only way to get the macros to work was to use a copy of the Example spreadsheet you provide. Though the macro functions were (at least one time) seen as being "Install"ed they don't work on a new file. The only other concern I've ran into was the Checksum value being shortened when the leading character was a "0". Since the checksum is actually a hexadecimal number this may have a very logical reason for occurring. But when one needs to compare the results against checksums generated by other programs it leads to it being called a mismatch by the Office program which cannot handle such large hexadecimal numbers and must looks at it as text to match. I made a work around that presently only works for MD5. It simple adds a few lines to the FileHash function that adds "0"s to a left side of the shortened chechsum result to get it up to the proper length. Since I theoriously tend to have a hangup on the way words can get abused in rare cases, I tend to avoid the word "Good". This fact prevailed in my response to your brief poll below. I skipped "Support" since I haven't used it. Though I understand why Checksum functions are in with Cryptography (they share the usage of much of the same code); the mindset of this relationship to me is much like having to go a bar to get something like a soda pop. Best wishes.

    Posted 07/06/2015
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