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This is a web framework, based on XML and XSL technology. Support for the incremental development with plug-in, support plug and play.

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  • 工坊的开源框架 - 顶峰/Crest,第一个版本的名字是云杉/Spruce,框架用XSL转换XML的方式来展现内容,最终的转换结果可以是XML、HTML、SVG等中的一种,也可以是Flex,框架支持插件的增量开发方式,框架支持插件的配置开发方式,框架支持XML文档、数据库、异构资源共享三种数据源,框架支持插件即插即用,开发工作分离后不再耦合在一切,使得开发过程变得自然且可控,能有效地提高开发效率,降低软件成本,随着技术的持续改进,开发成本也会随之不断下降。
  • CUIOU's open-source framework - 顶峰/Crest, the first version of the name is 云杉/Spruce, the framework use the way of transforming XML with XSL to show the contents, the final conversion results can be XML, HTML, SVG, etc. in one of can also be a Flex, framework to support plug-in incremental development methods, to support plug-in configuration development methods, support for XML documents, databases, hinge's data sources, the framework to support plug-in plug and play, development work after the separation is no longer coupled in all, making the development process becomes a natural and controlled, can effectively improve development efficiency and reduce software costs, with the technology, continuous improvement, development costs will continue to decline. Training costs calculated per person.

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Advanced End Users, Developers, End Users/Desktop, Management, Quality Engineers, System Administrators

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Java, JavaScript, XSL (XSLT/XPath/XSL-FO)


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