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=========================================== Installation =========================================== A) INSTALLATION FROM BINARIES Just download the file with binaries for one of the available operating systems. No installation is needed. B) INSTALLATION FROM SOURCE You must have installed 'make' in your system and either the GNU Fortran compiler, gfortran, or the Intel Fortran compiler, ifort. 1. Decompress creamake_src_<date>.tar.gz, where <date> is the date of the release. 2. Open a terminal in Linux or Mac OS X, or a Command Window in Windows, go to the installation folder and type: make -f Makefile.<compiler>.<os> where <compiler> can be "gfortran" or "ifort" and <os> can be "linux" or "windows" (for Mac OS X, "linux" is the valid option). You can get additional information about this program in the file doc/index.xhtml =========================================== Testing =========================================== This code has been tested with gfortran 4.7 and make 3.81. Compilation errors have been reported with gfortran 4.6.1 and below.
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