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Cover Retriever (C) Anton Dimkov 2012 1. About Cover Retriever is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to help you find covers for compositions in "MP3/FLAC" formats and saving them onto disk or in audio file. 2. Supported files formats *.mp3 *.flac 3. History (2011-03-19) First preview release (2011-04-19) *Update Checker *Animation during saving a cover *Bug fixing (2011-09-23) *Support of .flac files *Saving cover into frame of audio file (embed cover in audio file) *Obtain info from file name *Bug fixing (2011-09-25) *Improvement of Update Checker (2011-10-03) *The design was applied (2012-01-15) *The tag finder added *Save last opened folder in Open Folder dialog *Improved library loading *Application icon added *Improved cover search *Bug fixing (2012-04-9) *Fixed crashes during file switching 1.0.0 (2014-10-29) *Used [AcoustID](https://acoustid.org) as tag finder (more stable then LastFM) *Added manual editing of tag *Added possibility to save a particular Tag (Artist, Album) for file or for Folder *Other minor improvements
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