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Throughputter ------------- Weston Hopkins (weston@computer.org) --------------- in association with The Center of Excellence for Internet Access Engineering (home page http://mccain.ots.utexas.edu/) sponsored by Cisco Systems March 5, 2001 NAME: ----- Throughputter DESCRIPTION: ------------ Throughputter is a Java applet that estimates the throughput of a dialup modem connection. It does this by retrieving 2 files via http and calculating the kilobits/second rate. Here, kilobit is defined as 1000 bits. The first file is named testfile_w, and is 100Kbytes of the character 'W'. This is a highly compressible stream and is used to test the compressible bandwidth. The second file is named testfile_random, and is a stream of random characters. Since a set of random characters is the least compressible data out there, this is used to estimate the uncompressed bandwidth. INSTALLATION: ------------- Because Throughputter is a Java Applet, just embed the following tag in your HTML document: <APPLET code="Throughputter.class" width=450 height=100></applet> You must also copy the files "testfile_w" and "testfile_random" into the directory containing Throughputter.class so the applet will have something to transfer. This applet should be installed on a fast server which is located close to the dialup connections that are being tested. Frequently Asked Questions: --------------------------- 1. I am on an OC192 and the applet is on a local apache server. Why are my numbers inaccurate? Throughputter is only intended to be used with analog modem connections. With Java under Windows machines, the resolution for timing is about 10ms, and given that the test files are only 100k, the measurements for high-bandwidth connections are very inaccurate. 2. My connection speed says something like: 128kbps is too fast for a modem. If you are using an analog modem, then this is most likely caused by Netscape's cache. Just clear the cache by going under Edit | Preferences | Advanced | Cache, and clicking on Clear Memory and Clear Disk. 3. I don't see a start button (or anything...) to click on! You most likely don't have Java enabled. 4. I have a 56K modem, but the applet says I only have 40kbps throughput! There are several reasons for this. First of all, the rates reported are lower than the connection rates. This is because protocols like TCP are using some of the bandwidth to transfer the files. Secondly, you more than likely did not connection at 56kpbs when you dialed your service provider. A drop of 10% to 30% from your connection rate is normal. 5. My uncompressed speed is MORE than my compressed speed! If you are not on a compressed link, then this is normal. AUTHOR: ------- Cisco Systems COE-IAE (http://mccain.ots.utexas.edu/) and Weston Hopkins <weston@computer.org> REPORTING BUGS: --------------- I am sure there are bugs, so send an email to weston@computer.org if you find one. Thanks! COPYRIGHT: ---------- Freeware. REFERENCES: ----------- HISTORY: --------First release
Source: readme-tp.txt, updated 2001-06-29