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****Corrupt XLSX Salvager Version 2.0.3**** ***How to use this program*** 1. Click on the File Menu or the Step 1. Button. Choose Open and your xlsx Excel 2007/2010 file from which you wish to salvage csv files. 2. Click the option on the File Menu or on the Step 2. Button to save all the worksheets to CSV files. Alternatively you can use the drop down box and the button to its left to save a single worksheet as a CSV file. ***Important*** Bit Defender and maybe other antivirus programs, falsely flag this application as malicious. If your data originally contains cells that have commas within them, then the data will be read as an additional cell-column for each comma. Furthe, the program will not display more than 702 columns properly. Right now in an effort to stop data rounding, the csv saving routine and the worksheet display pretty much show raw data and cell styles such as date formats are ignored. There may be options in future versions to add formatting. The data is not completely raw. If you look at the data in the XML files, you'll see that even Excel will round data say around 10 decimal places like this one "25.000000000001" to "25" and this program does the same when saving to CSV. However when it comes to display this program will show the raw data. Please us commercial software where data integrity is absolute and accuracy is necessary past 10 decimal points. I believe even if Excel rounds data past 10 decimal places it will still use the raw data to make actuual calculations. Also, although the command window may be disturbing, it is preferable to the previous incarnation which flashed multiple CMD windows during processing. Future releases will try to eliminate this. ***About*** This program is coded in Perl by Paul D Pruitt (socrtwo) and uses a modification of the Spreadsheet::Read, Spreadsheet::XLSX and Spreadsheet::XLSX::Utility2007 Modules in order to use the 7zip command line app. 7zip doesn't care as much about corrupt XML files as the default Perl one, Archive::Zip. If you wish to further develop this program, the custom Perl modules Spreadsheet::XLSX::ZipMod2, Spreadsheet::ReadPDP, Spreadsheet::XLSX::TempFolderCreator and package Spreadsheet::XLSX::Utility2007PDP, are included in the source folder. These can be installed with a little patience using the instructions here: http://world.std.com/~swmcd/steven/perl/module_mechanics.html. Apparently the executable for corruptxlsx2csv already includes them and doesn't require the installation. Therefore only install and use the source Perl script corrupt-xlsx2csv.pl, if you intend further development say by adding your own choice of command line unzipper or some other chnage. Also note the excel-save-32X32.gif icon file's absence will also cause the Perl script or the executable not to run. ***Credits*** For zip repair it uses InfoZip's zip -FF command: http://sourceforge.net/projects/infozip/. For unzipping it uses the corruption tolerant command line version of 7zip by Igor Pavlov: http://sourceforge.net/projects/sevenzip/. Also note, the original ss2tk Perl script on which this script heavily relies is by H.Merijn Brand. It's included in the source folder. Special thanks to Sandeep Kumar, Dmitry Ovsyanko, Rob Polocz, Mr. Ritty from Mahalo, the folks at Perl Monks and my brother Andre, for technical support and encouragement. ***My Info*** My software website is http://www.godskingsandheroes.info/software/. Also visit my data recovery software list http://www.s2services.com. My E-Mail: socrtwo\@s2services.com".
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