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-------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHANGES FOR ASTROLAB MAIN RELEASE v0.9884_20140611 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Object - Change Description v0.9884 Updated Datasets for latest sunspot data and added more examples to the MathJax sample page V0.9883 Constants pages amended to match standard layout for header/footer/content V0.9882 Align Live Sheet and Equation Menus v0.9881 Update Live sheets and re-publish, update nodes v0.9880 Move all Live Sheet 'pages' to a jquery tab in matching 'equation' pages v0.9879 Drake equation page - make HTML5 compliant v0.9878 Various pages - make HTML5 compliant v0.9877 Create Equation page template Add jquery-ui 'Tabs' to Drake Equation page v0.9876 Add jquery-ui 'Tabs' to Data Sets page cDatas001 v0.9875 Restructure jquery-ui library v0.9874 Fix broken jquery dialog in SpectraMain page v0.9873 Update LS and Equ main menu pages. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Project : http://www.conquestofspace.com & Astrolab Project Managed By www.alchymy.com - The Alchymist's Laboratory ========================================================================== Astrolab comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This software is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty, and with no claim as to its suitability for any purpose. Currently the software is in a beta stage. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. INDEX TO OTHER INFORMATION: 2. INTRODUCTION TO ASTROLAB 7. NOTE 3. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 8. FULL REFERENCES & CREDITS 4. REQUIREMENT 9. LICENSE 5. QUICK START 6. CONFIGURATION -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. INTRODUCTION TO ASTROLAB -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Astrolab is a free GPL software which for study of Astrophysics, Astronomy and Cosmology. There are three files AstroReadme.txt, Alicence.txt and Astrolab Vn_nnn.xls which give basic details on Astrolab and changes to the current version and are used for to 'drag and drop' when building OS X package versions of the application. There is also an Astrolab user guide being built in PDF format. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Windows full version - Extract the zip file into a folder anywhere, the extract will output a folder called "astrolab" containing the whole application and data sets. Windows nightly build - Extract the zip file into a folder anywhere, the extract will output a folder called "astrolab" containing the whole application and data sets. If the data is also required then download the separate data set from sourceforge.net and install as described below. Apple OS X version comes as an install Package on a standard Disc image containing the application and the data sets. It will normally extract to a folder called "astrolab". If the data sets are downloaded separately the zip file will extract a folder called "cDataSets". This folder can be simply dragged / copied into the "astrolab" folder to replace the existing data sets. ** TO UNINSTALL SIMPLY DELETE ALL THE FOLDERS ** -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. REQUIREMENT -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Windows or linux/POSIX or CYGWIN or MACOSX environment Web Browser -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. QUICK START -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Navigation : Normal navigation for the browser in use. To start click on any of the three html pages listed below, or you could rename auto.html to index.html if running as a subfolder under your own web server. mMain.html uses a simple menu for mobile devices and desktop. auto.html attempts to start mMain.html framework based on OS it finds. More help to be included in a user guide. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. CONFIGURATION -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uses imported pre defined cascading style sheets and javascript files. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. NOTE -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This program is free, but consultancy might be charged for to support the development. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8. FULL REFERENCES & CREDITS -------------------------------------------------------------------------- a. Technical Articles - none as yet b. Included source code 2.1 Original Source for cCalc003Crater - H J Melosh, Ross A Beyer 2.2 Original source for cCalc005 - Stephen Ostermiller / ostermiller.org c. Data sets for experimental investigation and study 3.1 The Yale Bright star catalog CSV, Excel and Open Office format 3.2 Data for simple HR diag plot CSV, Excel and Open Office format d. Graphics 4.1 All graphics are copyrighted by alchymy.com (GPL) unless mentioned below : e. HTML Reference - www.w3schools.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9. LICENSE -------------------------------------------------------------------------- See the Alicence.txt file for standard GNU General Public License terms (You may find the terms are somewhat irrelevant as you can copy the software anyway!)
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