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# 5.5.1 Update ## Feature Updates * New Interface Settings page in Systems & Settings that lets you control your dashboard background image, and the behavior of the quick nav. * Newsflow One is now located at /dashboard/news. /dashboard now houses a table of contents for the dashboard. You can navigate to this by clicking the dashboard button. * Page attributes that are setup to be viewed by default will now show when adding pages of that type. Better add page experience (more page types, etc...) * Improved the marketplace browsing experience by simplifying and increasing the number of results in a given request. Now able to filter by compatible marketplace packages. ## Behavioral Improvements * Better Edit Bar Interaction * Less sensitive dashboard menu * No more click on dashboard overlay that kills the overlay * no more click on edit button that kills the overlay * hovering over the quick nav from the dashboard closes the dashboard overlay (with hoverintent) * Switching order of page version information and buttons in the edit page megamenu; making edit button take you into edit mode when clicked * Dashboard button now takes you into a table of contents * is now minified * Content Importer library now reindexes pages after content is imported. * Move the content down when edit bar appears (this used to work so just figure out what got lost and bring it back) * Add multiple files window now closes after using multiple file uploader * The language name should always be displayed in that language when editing a user’s record in the dashboard on a multilingual site. * Brought back enter key event when adding values to select attribute ## Bug Fixes * Greek Yogurt now has a view.php, fixing lots of errors with that theme and add-ons like eCommerce, Discussion Forums, etc... * Fixed unstyled pagination for group selector, split users and group selectors off into separate windows, nicer experience. * Fixed bug where composer pages would lose their titles and descriptions when caching was enabled (while being composed) * no longer displaying dashboard theme when rendering stacks 404 page * Fixed problem where databases that weren't setup to be UTF8 wouldn't be UTF8. * Fixed problem with marketplace connections that wouldn't work on hosts that didn't support SSL (Windows under certain configurations) * Fixing copy tweak for editors on first run experience. * Recent downloads should now just show the top 5 most recent (not all) * Fixed problem with Environment Dashboard page sends duplicate headers. * Fixed bug where meta content-type is defined twice in Greek Yogurt Theme * Fixed bug where deleting an attribute assumes you're deleting a file attribute (and redirects you to the wrong place.) * Fixed malformed regex in URL helper * Fixed cache clearing bug in page and file attributes that lead to attributes not appearing to save * News flow slot blocks need much shorter cache timeout * Fixed bug in speed settings dialog where custom timeouts wouldn’t display in the text box. * Fixed bug in Firefox where file properties window could be way off to the side of tabs when uploading files. * Fixed bug: adding a page not making you check page in until after you edit it again * modified global areas to recreate themselves if deleted * Fixed error when updating properties for a page in the sitemap occasionally printed out "object" in an alert window * MySQL fails upgrading in strict mode fixed. * Fixed behavior where a misconfigured pretty urls setup could never be undone because dashboard didn't allow navigation back * Fixed - * Permissions fixes to showing pages that the user doesn't have access to in dashboard dropdown, intelligent search * Fixing bug where stack custom design wouldn't show on a page * When international characters were shown in select attribute autocomplete results, they would be displayed as entities. Now they should be displayed properly. * Fixed - * Fixed - * Toolbar should show if the user has access to the dashboard (even if they don't have access to edit the page) * Fixed problem where the first time an add block menu was displayed it might display off screen, then subsequent clicks would position the menu correctly * Fixed - * Fixed problem where global areas wouldn’t load their auto header items on first page load * Fixed - * Fixed - * Fixed very minor html injection error on add remote files error display * Fixed access denied errors when editing a form inside a global area. * Fixed - * Fixed Form block redirect problem within stacks * Fixed * Fixed * Fixed * Fixing bug where TinyMCE wouldn’t work when used as a mode for a textarea attribute. * Updating local packages forced you to connect to the community. This is now no longer the case. ## Developer Updates * Progressive page reindexing should now only happen when approving pages through the UI (fixes problems with add-ons that add and reindex pages) * Added Stack::display() * Including jQuery 1.7.1 and jQuery UI 1.8.16: * Added page ID to page properties dialog * Newsflow setting (ENABLE_APP_NEWS) can now be set on white label install and through the Config class * $miscFields has been added to the FormHelper::label() * Added block name back to the editing UI (for global blocks) via the custom template menu. * Added Zend Currency to core. # 5.5.0 Update ## Feature Updates * Completely revampled, overhauled and refined interface in the front-end and in the dashboard. Too many improvements to list here. * No more scrapbook! Simpler, streamlined, faster clipboard for copy and paste, and "Stacks" for managing global areas, with support for version control and block reordering. * Improved Installation that lets you specify your admin password, an installation language, gives you more access to sample content. * Comprehensive white-labeling support, including the ability to specify alternate install packages, an alternate logo. * Deleted pages now go into the trash for easy restore or bulk deletion. * Better Page Attributes, including the ability to define attribute sets for page attributes, including reordering. Attributes can also be used with page defaults. Much better interface for choosing page attributes. * Better marketplace integration, including the ability to read full descriptions, better search, a more attractive and fully informative informative, and the ability to purchase items directly from your website. * Beautiful new "Greek Yogurt" Theme, installed with the sample content. * New bulk commands in page search, including bulk delete, bulk move/copy, bulk design, and bulk speed settings * Page Search and User Search now have fully customizable columns * Better Anti-Spam Controls. Easy installation of new captcha libraries like reCAPTCHA (available for free download from and anti-spam libraries like Akismet. ## Performance Improvements * Extensive CSS and JavaScript Minification and Combination. Far fewer files and code loaded. * UI now uses sprites for better performance. * Much JavaScript is now loaded in the footer to prevent blocking. * Make Config values use one database query at startup to load, or one cache call. (Integrated and modified pull request from christiaan) * More optimized dynamic PHP function calls (thanks christiaan) * Page List is lighter weight with system pages no longer cached or calculated on the fly. * Included an optimization job that can remove all but the most recent 10 versions of pages. * Page reindexing no longer happens every time we set attribute or exit edit mode. Now instead it happens when running the index search job, or when visiting a page you have edit access to (through a silent, non-blocked reindex AJAX request.) (Note: this behavior can be modified by defining ENABLE_PROGRESSIVE_PAGE_REINDEX to false.) * Much improved performance on the better designed Form Results page. * Removed the Database class. Instead just go directly to ADODB and add our functions as stubs ## Additional Features and Behavioral Improvements * Updated TinyMCE to 3.4.6, fixing bugs, improving stability, and enabling editing on iOS devices. * Dialog windows should no longer be larger than the container browser window. * Cleaner page list block template (thanks jordanlev) * Departments of France are now included when checking France as an active country (thanks marcandre) * Default mod_rewrite rules now make it so that pages like "jobs" that match directory names can be created (thanks christiaan) * Included iPhone home screen thumbnail in the site icons dashboard page. ## Additional Bug Fixes * Fixed bug where top nav optional menu items for sitemap and file manager, and the internationalization menu stopped working in * When a page is cached still dispatch the render events and set the correct Content-Type header (thanks christiaan) * Added minor XSS protection to Dashboard message area. ## Developer Updates * Included the new concrete5 Content Export Format, an XML language for describing sample content for a website. * Global Areas can be defined in themes, allowing easy changes to sitewide content. * Dashboard blocks are now available. These blocks are only shown in the dashboard, in a special tab. * concrete5's dialog box now seamlessly wraps the jQuery UI dialog class. * Developers can now add elements/dashboard/install.php to their packages, which will show up automatically when a package is installed through the dashboard. This can include form elements, which will then be passed in a post array to the package's install() method. * Developers can now specify $pkgAllowFullContentSwap, which will give the super user the ability to fully swap out content for that which has been provided in the the new concrete5-cif format. * Upgraded to jQuery 1.7 * Blocks now longer have to include add or edit templates. If they don't they'll just automatically be added and edit will be unavailable. * New Events: on_user_validate, on_user_logout, on_user_activate, on_user_deactivate, on_before_job_execute, on_job_execute, on_job_install, on_job_uninstall * Rendering a view manually from a controller should now work when rendering from within a controller found in a package (thanks jordanlev) * In the spirit of the Zend Framework, get() and post() methods can take a default parameter (which will be used if nothing is matched from the get/post)
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