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cntlm_0.92.3_amd64.deb 2012-03-07 67.7 kB 7676 weekly downloads
This release fixes a bug in the Windows installer and ZIP archive to include new DDL's required by a newer version of Cygwin which is used to compile Cntlm versions 0.92.2+. Other important bug fix (since 0.92.2) is a thread syncronization race condition, which caused frequent crashes on Windows. Interactive password input has also been enhanced and one bug submission related to it fixed (stripping trailing whitespaces). Proper detection of the "Program Files (x86)" Windows hack added. Proxy hostname is resolved at runtime and not during startup like some people requested. ISA A/V scanner plugin (GFI WebMonitor and similar) is bypassed when the download size is unknown. This caused a hanging download under certain conditions with non-interactive downloaders, which people assumed was Cntlm's fault even though it wasn't. Fixed a bug in downloading files larger than 2GB. Fixed a GIT+HTTPS issue. Enjoy!
Source: README, updated 2012-03-07