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CMap Resources

The links above are for the CMap resources associated with each character collection:

cmapresources_identity0.tar.z: Adobe-Identity-0 (Special Purpose)
cmapresources_cns1-6.tar.z: Adobe-CNS1-6 (Traditional Chinese, including Hong Kong SCS-2008)
cmapresources_gb1-5.tar.z: Adobe-GB1-5 (Simplified Chinese)
cmapresources_japan1-6.tar.z: Adobe-Japan1-6 (Japanese)
cmapresources_korean1-2.tar.z: Adobe-Korea1-2 (Korean)

CMap Resources (Deprecated)

The following are CMap resources for deprecated character collections:

Deprecated/cmapresources_japan2-0.tar.z: Adobe-Japan2-0 (Japanese, for JIS X 0212-1990 only; Replaced by Adobe-Japan1-6)

CMap Resources (Obsolete)

The following are CMap resources for previous, and now obsolete, character collection Supplements:

Obsolete/cmapresources_cns1-5.tar.z: Adobe-CNS1-5 (Traditional Chinese, including Hong Kong SCS-2004; Obsoleted by Adobe-CNS1-6)

CMap Resource Versions

The current-versions.txt file includes a complete listing of all CMap resources and their version, based on their advertised CMapVersion value.

CMap Resource Tools

Adobe Tech Note #5099, Developing CMap Resources for CID-Keyed Fonts, which is referenced in the Developer Documentation section of this project, includes as an attachment an industrial-strength CMap resource compiler/decompiler called cmap-tool.pl. (The version of cmap-tool.pl that is attached to Adobe Tech Note may not work in some environments, so it is included in this project.)

That is all.

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