Clam AntiVirus is a GPL antivirus toolkit for UNIX. The main purpose of this software is the integration with mail servers. It provides a flexible and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a command line scanner and a virus database that is kept up to date

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Thank for registering me,Iam requesting u to add me as your member who will take part in software development

Posted 09/09/2014
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I have been using ClamAV for years and have been satisfied. I have been doing my own builds and things have worked well. But on the latest attempt to build I am informed I must have OpenSSL to do a build. I will look into it but I don't even run a web-server on my two desktop systems much less OpenSSL. This move also shuts out Macintosh people who had Apple replace OpenSSL with their own proprietary software. I don't completely know what they are checking for but I do use ftp over SSL which means the client is there. Are they requiring the OpenSSL server? I will look around for some other AV for Linux desktop systems that have no services.

Posted 05/08/2014
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You guys have the best AV engine I've seen. Additionally, it's very easy to create our own signatures. Thanks for this!

Posted 04/10/2014
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Clam AV is a great piece of free software. We use Clam AV for years on a good portion of our productive systems and the software has never let us down. The freshclam update daemon is easy to configure with a configuration file in /etc on GNU/Linux. However during istallation of an RPM or DEB package the installer asks some questions with regards to parameters. Also via cron/anacron we have scans scheduled to commence on a weekly and monthly basis. One can achieve this for e.g. with a call like this: clamscan –log="./clamscan.log" --infected --recursive=yes --exclude-dir=/sys --exclude-dir=/mnt/lan --max-filesize=10M --max-files=100 --max-recursion=1 "/" Other than that the signature database is being updated constantly, and for users of non-unixoid operating systems there is a Windows client available for some time. Clam AV is definitely worth a try for those who cannot or do not want to afford more expensive software or such software not available for unixoid systems like GNU/Linux or BSD.

Posted 01/23/2014
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Stable work. Good product.

Posted 05/13/2013
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