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README jameswjensen@centurytel.net Changes in photoAps-1.10 cim Several bugs in saving Exif data are corrected. The auto-sharpen feature now uses either of two convolution matrices depending on the image size. Also, non-fatal warning messages are provided following image load and save. manageImages No changes. cImage (the image class supporting both cim and manageImages) Code supporting modifying image brightness and contrast are moved from cim into cImage. Features are implemented to support eventual use of YUV files, as well as for loading and saving JPEG images from and to data arrays in addition to image files. LINUX ONLY: manageImages and cim may optionally be built with or without first rebuilding Qt with the supplied code (to fix QTBUG 30251). If building manageImages and cim without first rebuilding Qt, undefine QTHREAD_FIXED in platform-Linux.h. The default assumes Qt has not been rebuilt to fix QTBUG 30251. Even though rebuilding Qt to fix QTBUG 30251 is no longer absolutely necessary, there are advantages to doing so. When manageImages and cim are built with QTHREAD_FIXED defined, their GUI is more responsive during lengthy thumbnail loading (center panel in manageImages and file open dialog in cim. The Windows version of manageImages and cim are built using Qt 4.7.4 MinGW, and QTBUG 30251 does not apply (threading works fine in this version of Qt). ********** NOTE ******************************* Program editAV files are moved to folder editAV *********************************************** README_editAV Jim Jensen jameswjensen@centurytel.net Program editAV implements simple editing of a video file, and extensive frame-by-frame enhancements within the file. The author wrote this program to improve the quality of video files created using a small airborne video camera--a JVC Adixxion, which is similar in size and capability compared with a GoPro Hero3. It is hoped that processing a video stream taken in low light or other unfavorable conditions might render the footage useful for surveillance purposes. Installing editAV Program editAV is dependent on software included in the "photoApps" folder distributed with two related programs: cim and manageImages. Therefore, first download and un-tar the cim package to make the photoApps folder available for building editAV. After downloading the file "photoApps-Linux-1.10.tar.gz", placing it into the users ~ folder, and un-tarring it--then download file "editAV-Linux-0.8.tar.gz and place it in the ~/photoApps folder. Un-tar it from there to create ~/photoApps/editAV. Note: On Linux (Windows is not yet supported) editAV is built from source files. AVOID using Qt-4.8.x if possible. This version has severe known bugs affecting threading. It is strongly recommended to use Qt version 4.7.4 or earlier when building editAV. On the other hand if using Qt 4.8.x is unavoidable, you should first rebuild and install a patched version of Qt 4.8.x as follows: Rebuild and install a patched Qt from source if using Qt 4.8.x If using Qt 4.8.x is unavoidable (Qt 4.8.4 is supplied with Mint 15), then build Qt from source. For instructions on how to build a patched version of Qt, download and follow instructions in folder Qt-X11-4.8.4+dfsg_QThreadFix in cim's sourceforge archive. Build and and install editAV Again, program editAV is built from source, distributed as a tarball, editAV-Linux-0.8.tar.gz. It is required that the user first download photoApps-Linux-1.10.tar.gz into the user's ~ folder and un-tar it from there to create the ~/photoApps folder needed to build editAV. Next, download or copy the editAV-Linux-0.8.tar.gz tarball into the ~/photoApps folder and unpack it from there using the console command: tar -xzvf editAV-Linux-0.8.tar.gz</div> Folder ~/photoApps/editAV will be created and populated with source code. The folder will be structured as a Qt project, and the user may build the editAV executable using the console commands: cd ~/photoApps/editAV qmake make Program editAV requires libjpeg.so to be present. This library can be downloaded and installed using the Linux distribution's software installation facility. A sample AVI file, sample.avi, is included for user experimentation.
Source: README, updated 2015-01-11