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Choco3 is an open-source Java library for Constraint Programming.

Choco3 is not the continuation of Choco2, but a completely rewritten version and there is no backward compatibility.

The current release is a beta version, hosted on Github.com (github.com/chocoteam/choco3).

Choco3 comes with: - various type of variables (integer, boolean, set, graph and real), - various state-of-the-art constraints (alldifferent, count, nvalues, etc.), - various search strategies, from basic ones (fist_fail, smallest, etc.) to most complex (impact-based and activity-based search), - explanation-based engine, that enables conflict-based back jumping, dynamic backtracking and path repair,

But also, a FlatZinc parser, facilities to interact with the search loop, factories to help modeling, many samples, etc.

Choco3 is distributed under BSD licence (Copyright (c) 1999-2013, Ecole des Mines de Nantes).

Contact: choco@mines-nantes.fr

More details on: http://www.emn.fr/z-info/choco-solver/index.php?page=choco-3

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