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Chemical Mass Calculator - ReadMe Keep "CMC.exe" and "CMCSpl.cmc" in the same directory or the software will not run! Simply open the CMC.exe file and select language. The language selection will be stored in a file called "CMC_lang.txt" so that you will not need to choose again. You need to write chemical formulas with the following layout: NaCl , H2O , FeSO4 This program does not support bracket formulas like the following one: Fe2(SO4)3 (maybe i will fix this later ^^) You can still obtain their molar mass by writing them like: Fe2S3O12 This program can handle a maximum of 20 chemical elements and 20 coefficients inside the input formula. Remember to write the first letter of the element in uppercase, it will not recognise formulas like: nacl , h2o ans so on. Thanks alot for downloading this software, review it if you enjoy it ^^ Best regards, Lorenzo
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