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Linux for 64bit media & gaming ready PCs built from Fedora

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  • lsatenstein
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    Go for it Chapeau is a clean stable well puttogether distribution. Good to replace XP and more. Even though I have two eyes,I use three or 4 computers concurrently. Today, I purged another distribution from my main computer and began the Chapeau installation. Chapeau is available from Chapeau is a Fedora Spin / Remix. It is Fedora21 with a bunch of added packages, presented as a (installable) live Image. The live image booted the as one would expect, and I saw little difference from what I had installed using another Fedora Remix. Nevertheless, I did want to be fair, and do a fair evaluation. Chapeau was installed as using live image version to disk.. Gnome is the GUI interface. While that installation was going on, I went to my second computer system and started working on my interests. After about an hour, I returned to reboot the installed Chapeau distribution. It was the Fedora21 Remix with VLC and many other favourite packages as listed above. I started a yum update, and saw that there would be around 800 updates. When it finished installing the updates, I rebooted the Chapeau system....(after that massive download, I performed a second sudo yum update for a second 770 updates. So far, the system is just fine, I will be trying one by one, the applications that Chapeau chose, that I did not already have installed on my "production" distribution. It looks just great. One thing that worked for me was the ability to set the EuroSymbol to the level 3 of the E key and the Yen symbol the the Y key (at level 3). My changes that I always do are: Start Firefox and bring in all my bookmarks (search United and install USA English dictionary, Search French and Install French Dictionary and Search and install the Spanish Dictionary). setup thunderbird and/ evolution sudo visudo and uncomment the line beginning # wheel .... nopasswd by removing the # This is what I find a great convenience. Install my printer (brothers duplex USB port laser printer). setup Dropbox change hostname to Chapeau.Leslie run the gnome tweaktool and visit the Gnome Shell Extensions to install a few additional tweaks.(Drop Down Terminal, Places, mini todo list, Taskbar) Configure Gnome Taskbar, tweak edit the keyboard definition /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/ca to add EuroSign and yen symbols € ¥ as other currencies to the $ and £ and ¢ after all the updates, anytime I plan to run a "grub2-mkconfig" I take a backup cp /boot/grub2/grub.cfg /boot/grub2/grub.bak and I redo the grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg Create a normal user "Chapeau". The Gnome system does not allow you to identify which system you are connected to, until you successfully log in. reboot and write this up. Chapeau is what I expected it to be, and more. It is a very well put together Remix. I definitely recommend it. A Chapeau (in English) is a hat. I would have called it Chapeau-Rouge. Fedora rules about remixes allow Chapeau to be titled Chapeau Fedora and to be shown on the logon page.

    Posted 05/02/2014