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Version 3.1 includes 64-bit capability. PYRA_13 element moved to after MIXED to be more compatible with 2.5. Version 3.1.1 fixes the bug with ADF relative links and cmake/configure issues. Version 3.1.2 implements the bug fixes by Xiangmin Jiao (Jim), and adds two new functions to more easily read and write GridLocation data for boundary conditions, cg_boco_gridlocation_read and cg_boco_gridlocation_write. Version 3.1.3 implements CPEX 0027 (Time-dependent Connectivities), CPEX 0030 (Zone Sub-Regions) and CPEX 0031 (General SIDS Improvements). Also includes Marc Poinet's fix to return HDF5 children in creation order. Version 3.1.3, Release 2 fixes the a bug where an incorrect element name string may be returned (Fortran only). Version 3.1.3, Release 3 adds the CRT_ORDER fix for HDF5, changes the search directory order for linked files (parent file directory first, then local directory), and fixes an error in the windows configure script. Version 3.1.3, Release 4 fixs an issue with descriptors under FamilyBCDataSet_t nodes; changes MormalIndexFlag to NormalIndexSize for cg_boco_info; and adds a new Fortran routine cg_exit_on_error_f Version 3.1.4 - fixed goto for FamilyBCDataset for UserData, .etc - added cg_get_cgio_f and cg_root_id_f Fortran routines - fixed cmake and configure scripts to allow MPI with HDF5 and fixed bugs in those scripts - updated CGNSplot to handle all element types and 1-d and 2-d cases - fixes to cgnscheck - added cgnsBuild.defs Makefile include to installation - cgnstools no longer built automatically - need to set configure flag - allow CellCenter for BCs - added cg_precision and cg_precision_f functions to get integer size used to create the file (32 or 64) Version 3.1.4 - release 2 - fixes to cmake scripts for Fortran - added check for open file to routines that don't take a file number (suggestion from Marc Poinet) - CGNStools documentation no longer included with source. The NASA Glenn website (or local copy) is now used instead. - save window size for cgnsview - fix to computing path lists in CMake script - fixes and updates to tests and cgnscheck - updates to support CG_FILE_ADF2 (2.5 compatibility) - fix for point set subregions
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