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Changes: 1.6.1 Bug fixes * Removed extraneous colons from nearstars.stc * Fixed truncation of long label strings in East Asian locales * Increased size of Goto Object dialog to prevent translated strings from being truncated * Fixed i18n bug with scripting message * Removed duplicate install of stars.dat. * Fix code taking address of a temporary result. * Fixed compile warnings in 1.6.1 caused by redefinition of UINT64_MAX * Corrected encoding of cel URLs with non-ASCII characters * Added check to prevent a crash when string decoding fails * Added Nils Larsson's patch for libpng-1.4 Data file updates: * Updated extrasolar planets data files. * Updated solar system locations files. * Updated numberedmoons.ssc file. * Updated Galileo add-on. * Updated starnames.dat file. Platform-specific changes: * Linux: Add missing files from extras-standard to Makefiles. * Linux: fix for Unicode URLs in KDE bookmarks menu. * Windows: Fixed i18n bug [2753461] * Windows: Save FoV value in bookmarks * Windows: Added ecliptic line setting to View Options dialog box * Windows: Fixed i18n bug in Windows Script menu * Windows: Added link to new HTML help files to Help menu * Windows: Fixed invisible context menu in fullscreen mode (ATI cards) * Windows: Fixed menu bar overlapping top of 3D view (ATI cards) * Windows: Save and restore locations to/from registry * Windows: Fixed startup crash when using fullwidth utf-8 characters * Windows: Increased Inno Setup compression settings * Windows: Allow installer to be run without administrator privileges. Internationalization: * Additional string translations - Globular clusters - "Nebula" and "Open cluster" - World capitals * Removed r and R commands from localized help files * Updated translations * Additional languages - Added Chinese Traditional translation - Added Slovak translation - Added Galician translation by Xabier Cancela - Added Belarusian translation from <375gnu@gmail.com> - Added Norwegian translation from FreewareTips - Added Turkish translation * Fonts - Lighter weight Japanese fonts - Updated simplified Chinese fonts - Added Belarusian fonts Features * Changed the name of 'Celestial' grid to 'Equatorial' * Added Runar and Christian's HTML help files * Added Solstice Mission extension for Cassini in 1.6.1 branch. Scripting * Celx scripting functions: - Added seturl / geturl commands - Added synchronizetime / istimesynchronized commands - Added settextcolor / gettextcolor commands - Added observer:orbit method - Added celestia:runscript method - Made orbitPeriod field available for stars via object:getinfo * Cel scripting: - Added boolean occludable parameter to mark command - Added settextcolor command * Added mousemove Lua hook Code optimization and reorganization * Fixes for gcc-4.5, and include -ldl for systems that need it. * More granular setting of CFLAGS.
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