cdrtfe is a CD/DVD/BD burning application for Microsoft Windows. You can burn data discs, Audio CDs, XCDs, (S)VCDs and DVD-Video discs. It supports creation and writing of ISO images and bootable discs. cdrtfe has a multi-language interface and is also available as portable version.


This is cdrtfe

The changes may have introduced new bugs, so please test and report,
if you find a bug.

Reports about how cdrtfe behaves under Windows 7 are welcome.

Some of the translations haven't been updated for quite a while. Any
help regarding the update of existing or the creation of new
translations is much appreciated.


* GUI:
  - Paste files via context menu into cdrtfe.
  - Allow FIFO buffer size up to 128 MiB.

* CD image:
  - Support readcd option retries=#.

* For each open file dialog you can now specify a default folder in
  cdrtfe.ini, section [General]. The entry has the form 
  DfltDlgFolder<n>=<path>, n = 0 .. 18. Example for the boot image
  dialog: DfltDlgFolder16=D:\Tools\WinImage\CD Boot Images

  Complete list for all possible settings below.

* Bugfixes:
  - Commandline options were completely ignored.
  - Disc labels were ignored when loading project files.
  - Button captions of the message dialogs weren't translatetd.

Complete List of supported dialogs: 

    DfltDlgFolder0  -> Data disc, file
    DfltDlgFolder1  -> Data disc, folder
    DfltDlgFolder2  -> Data disc, image
    DfltDlgFolder3  -> XCD, file
    DfltDlgFolder4  -> XCD, form2 file
    DfltDlgFolder5  -> XCD, folder
    DfltDlgFolder6  -> XCD, image 
    DfltDlgFolder7  -> Audio CD, track
    DfltDlgFolder8  -> Video CD, track
    DfltDlgFolder9  -> Video CD, image
    DfltDlgFolder10 -> CD image
    DfltDlgFolder11 -> CD save image
    DfltDlgFolder12 -> DVD Video, source folder
    DfltDlgFolder13 -> DVD Video, image
    DfltDlgFolder14 -> Project file (load and save)
    DfltDlgFolder15 -> Project file list (load and save)
    DfltDlgFolder16 -> Boot image
    DfltDlgFolder17 -> Save log file
    DfltDlgFolder18 -> Temp folder