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Your are probably reading this because you want to know what the ccgsl package is and how you should go about installing it. First, the ccgsl package is a set of C++ wrappers for many of the functions and structs of the GNU Scientific Library (http://www.gnu.org/software/gsl/). To use it you must also install the GNU Scientific Library (GSL). The package is not an object-oriented version of the GSL. Rather, it provides some features that are often used in C++ but not available in the C code that GSL uses. First, it avoids allocating and freeing structs such as gsl_vector and gsl_rng by reïmplementing them as classes that can be used as if they were automatic variables. The main effect of this is that, for example, instead of gsl_vector* v = gsl_vector_alloc( n ); /* lots of code using v */ gsl_vector_free( v ); you can use gsl::vector v; /* lots of code using v */ because the memory allocated for v is automatically freed when v goes out of scope and no other vector is sharing it. Internally, the classes behave like boost (http://www.boost.org/) shared pointers, but object-creation is simpler. Second, ccgsl provides easier interaction with the Standard Template Library (STL). The classes it provides are designed so that, for example, std::list<gsl::vector> v; works efficiently. Two sets of classes, gsl::block* and gsl::vector* are also set up as STL containers. This means that you can use STL algorithms with them. So, for example, for a gsl::vector object v, algorithms like the following work. std::sort( v.begin(), v.end() ); std::copy( v.begin(), v.end(), std::ostream_iterator<double>( std::cout, " " ) ); Third, ccgsl optionally lets you use C++ exception handling by using the gsl::exception class to turn GSL errors into exceptions. This lets you use, for example, the simpler form of most gsl::sf functions within a try block rather than use the only method available in C: call a function returning an integer that indicates an error value and pass the function value back through a pointer to a double. Since you only need the .hpp header files of the ccgsl package to us it, you can, if you like, just copy these to a convenient location such as /usr/local/include/ccgsl. The ccgsl package also includes a standard GNU build system, which will install the header files for you. It can also build some test programmes and doxygen documentation. Here is a typical install from the ccgsl-*.tar.gz file. The INSTALL file gives more detail. $ tar zcvf ccgsl-*.tar.gz $ cd ccgsl-* $ ./bootstrap $ ./configure $ sudo make install You can also build documentation if you have doxygen (http://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/) installed and some test programmes using: $ make doc $ make check The test programmes contain some examples of how to use ccgsl. Note that $ make on its own does nothing because there is nothing to make. You can build the documentation and test programmes in a directory other than the source directory. Using ccgsl should be straightforward. Most functions look and behave very much like the GSL equivalents. So the GSL documentation should be enough for most purposes. The ccgsl documentation gives a little more information on individual classes and functions. Typically, instead of using a GSL header you use as ccgsl one. Then you compile and link exactly as if you were compiling and linking with GSL in C++.
Source: README, updated 2012-03-27