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ccglue is intended to be the interfacing app between cscope and ctags. It can generate cross-reference tag files that can be interfaced with the Vim CCTree plugin (http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2368). There is a stand-alone command-line tracer (ccglue_tracer) that can dump call-tree outlines whose output can be reprocessed. Currently supported languages: C Some babble: Cscope and ctags are semantic analysis tools that excel in specific areas, i.e., ctags has excellent tag support for a huge number of languages, while cscope's flex scanner provides excellent semantic analysis. However, what is left lacking is usually context for the semantic analysis. Context allows you to generate more data that can be used for more purposes, i.e., case in hand call-graph, code completion, and error detection. This tool attempts to analyze the cscope generated data using additional context from ctags data. More features and language support to follow. You can find the respective tools here: cscope -- cscope.sourceforge.net ctags -- ctags.sourceforge.net BUILDING and INSTALLING **************************************** The package with configured with auto-tools. The typical installation process should work on most systems. Requires a reasonably recent C++ compiler with STL libraries (including TR1). ./configure make make install Options to the configure script are up to you. For details, run: ./configure --help (There is only a debug flag to generate debug symbols) USAGE ***************************************** Build cross-reference tag file with index $ ccglue -I (or --build-index) Trace symbols $ ccglue_tracer -s SYMBOL_NAME -c f -d 2 (f - forward tree, r - reverse)
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