Cbench is intended as a relatively straightforward toolbox of tests, benchmarks, applications, utilities, and framework to hold them together with the goal to facilitate scalable testing, benchmarking, and analysis of a Linux parallel compute cluster.

* Cbench release (1.2.2)  2010-01-14
	* Changed how cbench_start_jobs.pl and start_jobs() handle delaying 
	between each job submission.  Should be much faster when submitting 
	100s to 1000s of jobs. Fastest submission is still --delay 0.
	* Fix HPlinpack2 output parsing bugs.
	* Mostly cosmetic changes to status output during generating
	and starting jobs which gives some stats on numbers of jobs built 
	and submitted.
	* Changes to allow nodehwtest jobs to be started without specifying 
	specific nodes (ticket #12).  The traditional --batch mode for 
	nodehwtest_start_jobs.pl is now called --nodebatch.  --batch now behaves 
	much more like how like cbench_start_jobs.pl deals with it.
	* Support IS and EP NPB tests as well.
	* cbench_output_parse.pl tweaks for statistics when jobs are flagged as RUNNING.
	* openapps: Updated LAMMPS rhodolong job to test checkpoint/restart
	capabilities. (braithr)
	* openapps: Upate SWEEP3D output parse module to calculate overall memory usage
	and to parse sweep3d_150std and sweep3d_long jobs. (braithr)
	* openapps: Update SWEEP3D job generation to be much more dynamic.
	* Add CBENCH NOTICE output parsing capabilities to all output_parse modules that
	did not support it correctly. (braithr)
	* Added existence and executability checks before job submission for
	binaries used by jobs.  cbench_start_jobs.pl will now only submit or start a
	job if the required binary can be found and is executable. (braithr)
	* openapps: Added PHDMESH testset with a customized longer running test
	* Fix a makefile bug in opensource/perftest when changing COMPILERCOLLECTION
	* Update std_substitute() to do the JOBLAUNCH_CMD_HERE template variable
	replacement earlier. This enables more sophisticated joblaunch_extraargs usage 
	such as:
		foo_gen_jobs.pl --ident t1 --joblaunch_extraargs "numa_wrapper --ppn=NUM_PPN_HERE"
	* Added opensource/maketests area which contains tiny little make/link/include 
	test cases for things like BLAS, LAPACK, and FFTW linkage. The idea is to have
	some quick test cases to determine whethere certain tests/benchmarks/apps 
	included in Cbench will link correctly with the external libraries.
	* Upgrade to iozone version 3_323.
	* Add LLNL's 'mdtest' benchmark.
	* Add 'fdtree' from Scalable I/O Project.
	* Add LLNL 'simul' filesystem test.
	* Add LLNL 'miranda_io' Scalable I/O Project test
	* Add support for building and instrumenting Cbench tests with TAU
	(http://www.cs.uoregon.edu/research/tau/home.php). Most tests work,
	but some more complicated ones (e.g. LAMMPS) don't quite work yet.
	See https://apps.sourceforge.net/trac/cbench/wiki/doc/TAUandCbench
	for information on using TAU. (braithr)
	* collective_imball.in job template now runs all IMB tests.
	* bandwidth_imb.in now runs all the bandwidth tests in IMB.
	* openapps: Add support for the LAMMPS Chute benchmark. (braithr)
	* Add the miranda_io test to the IO testset.
	* openapps: Add Cbench support for sPPM. (braithr)
	* Add a Stream test that uses ~11 GB of memory.
	* Add some prototype support for parallel makes.
	* Added a testset for the LLNL mpiGraph benchmark.
	* openapps: tune down amg memory requirements to fit 1.5GB/core better.
	* Ignore bogus 0.000 min values being reported for tests in 
	nodehwtest_output_parse.pl (braithr)
	* Updated to latest IOR version which is IOR-2.10.2
	* Use nehalem flags as the default for intel compilers.
	* Add Intel HPlinpack as another Linpack variant. (cashmont)
	* Add linpackintel testset. (cashmont)
	* New protyotype test set 'iometadata' aimed testing metadata 
	performance/stability of a filesystem.
	* Some updated Openmpi support. (mr_ep)
	* Make slurm the default batch_method in cluster.def

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