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CANopenNode is an opensource CANopen Stack. CANopen is the internationally standardized (EN 50325-4) CAN-based higher-layer protocol for embedded control system. For more information on CANopen see http://www.can-cia.org/ Stack is written in C in object-oriented way. It includes Example for CANopen Input/Output device. Project also includes Object Dictionary Editor. Here CANopen accessible variables can be edited. Editor generates: object dictionary .c and .h files, CANopen EDS and XDD files and HTML documentation file. CANopen Features: - NMT slave, - Heartbeat producer/consumer error control, - PDO linking and dynamic mapping, - SDO expedited and segmented transfer, - SDO master, - Emergency message, - Sync producer/consumer, Supported controllers: - From microchip.com: - dsPIC30F - PIC24H - dsPIC33F - PIC32 - From beck-ipc.com - SC2x3
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