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What is #Btlk?

#Btlk is a chat application which doesn't need a server to run. You or your partner will be the Server and other one will be the Client. So, you don't need a server to send your messages.


It's Secure
There is no server, to watch&index your conversations. Your messages will be sended&recived directly between 2 of you.
It's Simple
I think it is the simpliest C program after "hello_world.c".


No Encryption
There will be no encryption before sending your message. I didn't develop an encryption method because i couldn't! But, if you want to encrypt your messages, you can use GNUPG.
It's so Simple
It's so simple. If you want to send a photo or make a video call, #Btlk will not satisfy your wants.


Bora Alper boraalper4 <at> gmail <dot> com

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