Looking for the latest version? Download boost_1_58_0.tar.gz (83.6 MB)
Name Modified Size Downloads / Week Status
Parent folder
Totals: 11 Items   3.9 GB 68
SHA256SUMS.asc 2013-06-28 198 Bytes 22 weekly downloads
SHA256SUMS 2013-06-28 865 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
boost_1_54_0-bin-msvc-all-32-64.7z 2013-06-28 1.6 GB 44 weekly downloads
boost_1_54_0-msvc-11.0-64.exe 2013-06-28 324.1 MB 66 weekly downloads
boost_1_54_0-msvc-9.0-64.exe 2013-06-28 306.8 MB 22 weekly downloads
boost_1_54_0-msvc-9.0-32.exe 2013-06-28 263.0 MB 11 weekly downloads
boost_1_54_0-msvc-8.0-64.exe 2013-06-28 303.1 MB 11 weekly downloads
boost_1_54_0-msvc-8.0-32.exe 2013-06-28 256.0 MB 1111 weekly downloads
boost_1_54_0-msvc-11.0-32.exe 2013-06-28 287.6 MB 55 weekly downloads
boost_1_54_0-msvc-10.0-32.exe 2013-06-28 265.6 MB 2626 weekly downloads
boost_1_54_0-msvc-10.0-64.exe 2013-06-28 301.0 MB 99 weekly downloads

Boost Binaries For Windows

Starting with 1.54.0 binaries are available packaged in the installers available here (pervious versions listed are packages of individual libraries for use with the deprecated boost-pro installer). These installers provide the listed binaries along with the complete source release (headers, source, documentation, tests, tools), so there is no need to install that from a zip file first.

Also in each release directory is a SHA256SUMS file file which provide the hashes of each installer to ensure that they are not tampered with or otherwise corrupted. The SHA256SUMS.asc is the same file, cryptographically signed with the key of Thomas Kent (Tom) teeks99@yahoo.com.

Source: README.md, updated 2013-11-12