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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Emailsearcher.pl and bing-linked-email.pl ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ version1.00 ~ ~ 12-17-2010 ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FIXES: * Can use google now!!! * Fixed Duplicate, sorting, and junk removal! * Got rid of useless subtraction error! KNOWN ISSUES: Seems to have problems with LARGER result sets, added a hard limit to the code - which you can increase. Currently will parse 25 pages of results. Has other issues I am sure of it... cant think of any atm (please let me know if you find some) WORKAROUNDS: * Inserted a few sleep statements to prevent google from blacklisting... that was fun... :( NOTE: You might be able to speed up searches by lowering the sleep values in the code, HOWEVER if you set it to 1 or 2 - they will catch you - YMMV (Your milage may vary)... 3 and above seems to escape the blacklisting stuff they got going on there... REQUIREMENTS: Perl Modules: LWP and HTTP WHAT DOES IT DO? These two scripts will search google and bing results for email addresses (emailsearch.pl) OR linkedin.com (bing-linked-email.pl) for linkedin profiles for a particular company or domain. Then it writes the stuff out to a file of your choosing. OLD INFO: KNOWN ISSUES: 1 - "Useless subtraction error at start" - I will fix. TODO: 1 - add loop for parsing results, eliminating dups (current workaround is to | sort -u > file-o-ur-choice.txt)
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