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NEW IN 0.9 * Internal rework of the option screen. * Make the network server cross-platform and startable via the GUI, allowing the user to choose whether to connect to the official server, start one locally or use a server found on the local network. NEW IN 0.8 * Use SDL Unicode capabilities, and fix our font, so that we can finally use extended characters like punctuation and accentued characters. * Add a specific "Your turn, player X" message on networked games, so as to avoid that the player forgets its his turn. * Huge reworking of the server part. NEW IN 0.7 * Don't send/receive useless network messages, like wrong tile selection. * Fix the network playing lag (where the move from a player could take up to one second to appear on the others' screens). * Fix endless "Waiting for players" if one player joined, then left before everyone was ready. * Fix some memory leaks. * Remove dead code * Add Doxygen comment on a few files * Fix out-of-bounds array access NEW IN 0.6 * Maemo: Fix application name in app list NEW IN 0.5 * Add Maemo port, better font, little GUI fixes
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