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0. Homepage http://anakreon.cz/en/Berusky2.htm 1. Compilation Berusky2 is developed on Fedora 14. It may or may not build/run on other distros/platform. Feel free to send feedback/patches to stransky@anakreon.cz. 1.1 - Build of berusky2 code from tar.gz: * Install devel packages for libraries (SDL, SDL_Image, GL, GLU, X11, zlib). * Download berusky2-version.tar.gz and extract it and rebuild by: $tar xzf berusky2-version.tar.gz $cd berusky2-version $./configure $make 1.2 - Build of berusky2 code from src.rpm package: * Download berusky2-version.src.rpm and run: $rpmbuild --rebuild berusky2-version.src.rpm * Install the built game binary as root by: $su - #rpm -ihv berusky2-version.arch.rpm 2. Configuration 2.1 - Configuration/installation from tar.gz: * Download berusky2-data-version.tar.gz and extract it somewhere: $tar xzf berusky2-data-version.tar.gz $cd berusky2-data-version * Grab berusky3d-local.ini from berusky2-version.tar.gz (it's in the data dir) and copy it to created berusky2-data-version directory. * Grab the binary (from 1.1) and copy it to your berusky2-data-version dir. 2.2 - Configuration/installation from src.rpm: * Download berusky2-data-version.src.rpm and run: $rpmbuild --rebuild berusky2-data-version.src.rpm * Install the built rpm file as root by: $su - #rpm -ihv berusky2-data-version.arch.rpm 3. Game run 3.1 - Run from local installation (in berusky2-data-version dir): $./berusky2 -i berusky3d-local.ini -l - runs main game $./berusky2 -i berusky3d-local.ini -l level_name.lv6 - runs user level named "level_name" from game directory. 3.2. - Run from installed rpm packages: $berusky2 - runs main game $berusky2 level_name.lv6 - runs user level named "level_name" from game directory. 4. Game Rules In order to leave each level it is necessary to reach exit with all bugs. You will be meeting miscellaneous game elements while completing individual missions, we will try to explain their meaning now. Box - It is possible to push it. Explosive - Can destroy the boxes. Exit - A gate to next level/exit. Stone - Can be broken by a pickax. Pickax - A tool for stone crushing. Other elements not listed here are just walls, which have no interesting properties. They cannot be push away nor it is possible to break them anywise. 5. Game keys Arrows - Move selected bug Tabulator - Switch among the bugs Space - On/Off bug visibility 1 - Choose the first bug 2 - Choose the second bug 3 - Choose the third bug 4 - Choose the fourth bug 5 - Choose the fifth bug F1 - In game help F2 - Save level F3 - Load level Mouse: left shift + mouse motion - camera move left ctrl + mouse motion - camera rotation mouse wheel - camera zoom
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