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---->To users of build 1.3 Build 1.3 includes a so-called Active Caching Mechanism, designed to run and cache words at the background when enabled. ACM, unlike making wordlists, will retrieve much slower to minimize bandwidth consumption. This function is experimental, if you want to test, enable it manually. Also, you need to import an English list, just like before you making a wordlist, so as to provide some "seed" words for ACM to start. ---->Copyright information THIS PROGRAM RETRIEVES DEFINITION DATA FROM DICT.CN; IT DOES NOT GATHER THESE DATA FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSES BESIDES SPEEDING THE MATCHING PROCESS. ANYONE MAY NOT USE ITS DATA ILLEGALLY. THIS PROGRAM, ALONG WITH ITS SOURCES, IS LICENSED UNDER A CREATIVE COMMONS ATTRIBUTION SHAREALIKE LICENSE V3.0. HOWEVER, PLEASE BE NOTICED THAT YOU MAY NOT VIOLATE THE RIGHTS OF DICT.CN AND/OR OTHER CONCERNED PARTIES.
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