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The zip file contain all the source code, Makefiles, and pre-built executables. This release has NTCIP interfaces built into SCOPE. In order to use them, you will have to have SNMP running on the machine that SCOPE is on and also have the NTCIP dynamic libraries installed in the proper directories. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO USE NTCIP WITH SCOPE. Just don't turn it on in the GUI's if you don't want it. The NTCIP libraries are available from ATI. They are currently built for the Linux platform and have been tested on a Linux based PC, a Linux based laptop, and a protoype Advanced Traffic Controller. There are 2 directories in the release, Linux and Windows. The Linux directory contains the source code for SCOPE. The source code is common to Linux, Windows, PPC, ATC, etc. Look at the Makefiles to see how to build SCOPE for various platforms. We will help you. Just contact us. We have NOT included cross compilers we built to target SCOPE to the Advanced Traffic Controller PowerPC architecture. These will be host independent. We can help you build your own cross-compiler to ANY architecture. Contact us at scope@advancedtechcorp.com
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