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[INSTALL] To make a new installation, download the '' and follow the install instructions included in the file. The following folders at the parent download level will be possibly useful. - Plugins - if you want to use any plugin - SNMP - if you want to use the SNMP feature of ASSP - razor2_for_assp - if you want to use ASSP_Razor plugin - scripts - contains some scripts around assp - spamdb - contains a starter spamdb The current versions of the 'lib' folder and 'assp-monitor' are already included in the downloaded ZIP. [UPGRADE] To upgrade your installation, - download the smaller ZIP file - download AND READ the changelog(s) - depending on your upgrade step - it could be required to install some new Perl modules - unzip the file in to your assp folder Don't forget to look at the parent download level! Check the following folders for updates: - lib - common additional ASSP modules - Plugins - if you use any plugin - assp-monitor - if you use this script - SNMP - if you use the SNMP feature of ASSP If 'noModuleAutoUpdate' is set in your assp configuration, or your upgrade step is very large, it is recommended to download and run the module installation again. '../ASSP V2 module installation'
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