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0.2.9_alpha_r1373 2011-12-17 5 weekly downloads
0.2.9_alpha_r1372 2011-12-04 1 weekly downloads
0.2.9_alpha_r1371 2011-12-04 7 weekly downloads
0.2.9_alpha_r1370 2011-11-27 1 weekly downloads
0.2.9_alpha_r1368 2011-11-21 1 weekly downloads
0.2.9_alpha_r1363 2011-11-20 15 weekly downloads
0.2.9_alpha_r1362 2011-11-13 15 weekly downloads
0.2.9_alpha_r1361 2011-11-07 8 weekly downloads
0.2.9_alpha_r1357 2011-10-31 16 weekly downloads
0.2.9_alpha_r1355 2011-10-26 14 weekly downloads
0.2.9_alpha_r1344 2011-10-24 1 weekly downloads
0.2.9_alpha_r1343 2011-10-11 16 weekly downloads
0.2.9_alpha_r1339 2011-10-10 18 weekly downloads
0.2.9_alpha_r1337 2011-09-22 15 weekly downloads
0.2.8_alpha20110902 2011-09-21 1 weekly downloads
0.2.8_alpha20110905 2011-09-21 1 weekly downloads
0.2.8_alpha20110912 2011-09-21 1 weekly downloads
0.2.8_alpha20110919 2011-09-21 1 weekly downloads
0.2.9_alpha_r1336 2011-09-21 7 weekly downloads
These are snapshots from the 0.2.8 branch that has been alive for far too long. Later builds from this branch carry a 0.2.9 version tag, even though a real 0.2.9 release is unlikely to ever happen. File patterns: *dedicated*: Dedicated server; everything else is the game client/hybrid server *.exe: Windows installer *.dmg: Mac drive image *.package: Linux Autopackage installer *.deb: Debian packages; must install armagetronad_common*.deb first. Armagetron*: Portable Linux Apps for 32 bit systems. Just download, mark as executable and run. *.src.tar.*: Unix and Mac source tarball. * Windows source zip. Almost identical to the tarball, but has the Unix build system removed and a couple of files converted to DOS mode. *.bin.tar.bz2: Binary tarball for use with Zero Install on Linux. Best not to manually download those. * Binary zip for use with Zero Install on Windows. Best not to manually download those.
Source: README.txt, updated 2011-09-23