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aria2 1.18.4

Release Note

This release adds new RPC authorization mechanism using --rpc-secret option. The existing --rpc-user and --rpc-passwd options are now deprecated, and all applications using RPC API is strongly encouraged to migrate to the new mechanism. See RPC INTERFACE section in aria2 manual page for the details. The new RPC method, aria2.saveSession, was added, which tells aria2 server to save session file immediately. There are several enhancements and bug fixes. See the changes for the details.


  • Added support for RPC channel encryption in aria2rpc

    Patch from David Macek

  • Add aria2.saveSession RPC method

    This method saves the current session to a file specified by --save-session option. This method returns "OK" if it succeeds.

  • Add numStoppedTotal key to aria2.getGlobalStat() RPC method response

    It shows the number of stopped downloads in the current session and not capped by --max-download-result option. On the other hand, the existing numStopped key also shows the number of stopped downloads, but it is capped by --max-download-result option.

  • Better handling of 30x HTTP status codes

    Reference: http://greenbytes.de/tech/tc/httpredirects/

  • Implement new RPC authorization using --rpc-secret option

    Add future deprecation warning to --rpc-user and --rpc-passwd. Warn if neither --rpc-secret nor a combination of --rpc-user/rpc-passwd is set.

  • Add --enable-color option to enable/disable terminal color output

  • Add DSCP support

  • gnutls: Don't fail handshake if returned error is not fatal

  • Add workaround GnuTLS bug with OCSP status extension and non-blocking socket

    GnuTLS version 3.1.3 - 3.1.18 and 3.2.0 - 3.2.8, inclusive, has this bug. For these versions, we disable OCSP status extension.

  • Make GnuTLS log level dependent on the aria2 ones

aria2 1.18.3

Release Note

This release fixes the bug which may cause assertion failure after multi-file downloads (e.g., multi-file metalink or torrent) are performed several times due to the bad handling of --bt-max-open-files option.


  • Fix crash if unpause failed before assigning BtProgressInfoFile object

  • Enable and check PIE in makerelease-osx

  • Fix bug that numOpenFile_ is not reduced when MultiDiskAdaptor is deleted

    This bug caused assertion error in RequestGroupMan::ensureMaxOpenFileLimit

aria2 1.18.2

Release Note

This release fixes the wrong handling of return value of fork(), which leads to high CPU usage. The progress readout has some color output. Mingw32 build now receives colorized output. Mingw32 build now can read unicode command-line arguments. The build script of OSX was rewritten. The --bt-max-open-files now limits the number of opened file globally for multi-file downloads instead of per download basis.


  • Remove the outdated, broken build_osx_release.sh

  • Initial revision of the a new OSX release Makefile

  • Allow using libgmp with AppleTLS/WinTLS

  • Fix crash when metaurl contains unsupported URI or text

  • Fix bad fork() return value handling

  • Use some colors in progress reports (where available)

  • Implement basic color support for the Windows console

    Only 033[*m (SGR) is supported, with a 16+16 color terminal.

  • AppleTLS: Implement PKCS12 loading.

  • Limit number of opened file globally with --bt-max-open-files option

    This change changes the behavior of --bt-max-open-files. Previously, it specifies the maximum number of opened files for each multi-file download. Since it is more useful to limit the number globally, the option now specifies the global limit. This change suggests that aria2.changeOption() method now ignores --bt-max-open-files and aria2.changeGlobalOption now reads it and dynamically change the limit.

  • Don't fail multiple concurrent dl same file if auto-file-renaming is enabled

  • mingw32: Use CommandLineToArgvW() and GetCommandLineW() to read cmd-line args

    This change enables aria2 to read unicode characters in command-line.

aria2 1.18.1

Release Note

This release fixes the percent-encoding bug which affects file name encodings. It adds PKCS12 support in certificate import. It also adds experimental internal implementation of message digest functions, ARC4 cipher and bignum. It means that no external libraries are required to build BitTorrent support, but this feature is still marked as experimental. This release also fixes the android build with NDK r9.


  • LibsslTLSContext: Remove weak cipher suite

  • AppleTLS: Enable --certificate

  • util::percentEncodeMini: Fix regression bug removed unsignedness

    srange-based for around std::string is convenient but several functions depend unsigned char for correctness and readability.

  • Log exception; throw error if loading private key and/or certificate failed

  • Provide internal ARC4 implementation

    Now you can build bittorrent support without without external libraries, meaning you can skip libnettle, libgmp, libgcrypt, GnuTLS and OpenSSL on OSX (for now).

  • Internal implementation of DHKeyExchange

    Reusing a bignum (well, unsigned very-long) implementation I had lying around for years and just cleaned up a bit and brought to C++11 land.

    It might not be the most performant implementation, but it shoud be fast enough for our purposes and will go a long way of removing gcrypt, nettle, gmp, openssl dependencies when using AppleTLS and WinTLS (upcoming).

  • PKCS12 support in --certificate and --rpc-certificate options.

  • Add --disable-ssl configure option

  • Add internal md5 and sha1 message digests

  • Fix AppleMessageDigestImpl use with large data

  • Set old cookie's creation-time to new cookie on replacement

    As described in http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6265#section-5.3

  • Fix link error with Android NDK r9

    Since Android ndk r9, __set_errno is deprecated. It is now defined as inline function in errno.h. The syscall assembly calls __set_errno, but since libc.so does not export it, the link fails. To workaround this, replace all occurrences of __set_errno with a2_set_errno and define it as normal C function.

aria2 1.18.0

Release Note

This release changes the default disk cache size to 16 MiB. To change the default size, --with-disk-cache configure option was added. Now used URIs are also saved by --save-session option. The control file is now always saved if --force-save is given. The ctrl-c handling on Mingw build was improved. The internal intl library is no longer supplied. From this release, C++11 compiler is required to build aria2 executable. For gcc, at least 4.6.3 is required.


  • Use AM subdir-objects

    Doing so in AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE seems to be the most compatible way of doing so.

    Closes GH-120

  • AM_SILENT_RULES([yes]) with backwards-compatiblity

    Supported since automake-1.11. There is no point in having the very verbose compile stuff running about, which cannot even silenced properly with make -s by default. Otherwise, make V=1 or --disable-silent-rules are your friends

  • Fix automake-1.14 am_aux_dir

    AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS will cause AC_PROG_CC, which is overridden by automake-1.14, which will then init (part) of automake, in particular am_aux_dir expansion, which in turn relies on ac_aux-dir, which is not initialized at this point, and thus: certain doom (or fun, depending on your POV and mood :p)

    Hence call AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS only after AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE. This, of course, caused a lot of related macro shuffling.

    Tested against automake-1.10 (OSX Lion/XCode version) and automake-1.14 (homebrew version)

  • Require external gettext for --enable-nls

    And stop using the internal flavor with ./intl

  • Make AX_CXX_COMPILE_STDCXX_11 test for -stdlib=libc++ via std::shared_ptr

    The clang shipped with OSX XCode and clangs not build enabling libcpp, will default to the libstdc++ headers and lib installed on the system. In the OSX case, that libstdc++ is the one bundles with gcc-4.2, which is far too old to provide all required C++11 types, such as std::shared_ptr. Hence, the C++11 check should try to compile a program with a C++11 type and try -stdlib=libc++ if the default lib fails to compile said program.

  • Make the configure check for C++11 compiler mandatory

    Remove stray "dnl", so that mandatory actually works with (my) autoreconf.

  • Always build doc/manual-src

    Should sphinx-build be not available AND the man file not be prsent, then just "touch" it into existence (and warn about that)

  • Win: Use SetConsoleCtrlHandler for SIGINT/SIGTERM

  • Implement a simple resource lock (threading)

    In this initial implementation Locks are no-ops on platforms other than Windows.

  • Check for sphinx-build during configure

  • Add --with-disk-cache configure option

    Enables packagers more fine grained control over the default value without having to mess with config files.

    See GH-115

  • Change defaults: Enable 16M disk cache by default.

  • Always save control file if --force-save is given

  • Set log level DEBUG for unittests

  • Check that C++ compiler supports override keyword

    If the compiler supports override, define CXX11_OVERRIDE as override, otherwise define it as empty. Use CXX11_OVERRIDE instead of override.

  • AppleTLS: Fix MessageDigestImpl

  • AppleTLS: Fix session CFRelease stuff

  • Use AX_CXX_COMPILE_STDCXX_11 macro to detect C++0x/C++11 support in compiler

  • Require -std=c++11 and use std::shared_ptr instead of SharedHandle

  • Join URI on redirect

  • Send HAVE message to the peer which the piece is downloaded from

    Historically, aria2 did not send HAVE message to the peer which the piece is coming from, thinking it is obvious that the peer knows we have the piece. But it is not obvious if one piece is download from more than 1 peers (e.g., end game mode). So it is better to send HAVE to all peers connected.

  • Improvements to --follow-torrent=false documentation.

    Patch from gt

  • SessionSerializer: Truly unique URIs

    Before, only spent uris where sanitized not to be contained within remaining uris. Change this so that each uri in the union(remaining,spent) get saved once at most. The order of the uris will won't be changed, with remaining uris going first followed by spent uris.

    Also avoid copying the uri std::strings around during dupe checking, usually resulting in better performance regarding CPU and space.

  • Make getOption RPC method return option for stopped downloads

  • SessionSerializer: Save spent URIs as well as remaining ones

Source: README.rst, updated 2014-03-23