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aria2 1.16.0

Release Note

This release adds SSL/TLS encryption support in RPC transport. The new RPC method aria2.appendUri is added, which is a wrapper to aria2.changeUri. The Content-Disposition parser is now RFC 6266 conformant. The resource leak in XmlParser, JSON and Bencode parser was fixed. The uploaded data size calculation bug was fixed. For MinGW32 build, files are now opened with read/write shared mode.


  • mingw32: Open file using _wsopen and added --enable-mmap support

    I tried CreateFile but the subsequent ReadFile fails with Access Denied if sparse file is read on NTFS. I mostly reverted previous changes and use _wsopen with read/write share enabled instead of CreateFile.

    This change also includes --enable-mmap support for MinGW32 build. Memory mapped file may be useful for 64-bits OS and lots of RAM. Currently, FlushViewOfFile is not called during the download, so it is slightly vulnerable against sudden power loss. I found lots of read when resuming download due to page fault. So for now it is useful for the initial download. I recommend not to use --file-allocation=prealloc with --enable-mmap for MinGW32, because it triggers page faults even in the initial download. Anyway, the option is experimental.

  • Removed PO files and generated aria2.pot from repository

    Currently, message translation is done at launchpad. All PO files can be exported from there. The merge process from launchpad is done when new release. First download export file from launchpad And use import-po script to import PO files into po directory.


  • Enabled TCP_NODELAY

  • Don't use AC_FUNC_MMAP

    Don't use AC_FUNC_MMAP becaue it fails on some platforms (e.g., OpenWRT) which have mmap and it works in the way we use in aria2. Instead use mmap in AC_CHECK_FUNCS list.

  • Added --force-save option.

    --force-save option saves download with --save-session option even if the download is completed or removed. This may be useful to save BitTorrent seeding which is recognized as completed state. The default value is false.

  • Get the correct uploaded data size

    Subtract msgHdrLen_ from writtenLength to get the uploaded data size. Without this correction, the seeder assumes it has uploaded more data than it actually has.

  • Made --http-no-cache false by default

  • Fixed memory leak in AsyncNameResolver

  • Fixed resource leak in XmlParser and GenericParser

  • Reset iostream format state

  • gnutls: Added more status checking when verifying peer

  • Content-Disposition parser conforming to RFC 6266.

    RFC 2231 Continuation is not supported.

  • Reworked download/upload statistics calculation

    The old implementation calculates download/upload statistics for a RequestGroup by summing up all PeerStat objects. For global statistics, those are summed together. This clearly incurs runtime penalty and we introduced some kind of caching which updates statistics every 250ms but it did not work right.

    This change removes all these aggregation code, and instead makes RequestGroup and RequestGroupMan objects hold NetStat object and download/upload bytes are directly calculated by thier own NetStat. This is far more simplar than the old way and less runtime penalty and brings more accuracy.

  • Added --rpc-save-upload-metadata option

    If true is given, which is default, save the uploaded torrent or metalink metadata in the directory specified by --dir option. The filename consists of SHA1-hash hex string of metadata plus extension. For torrent, the extension is '.torrent'. For metalink, it is '.meta4'. If false is given to this option, the downloads added by aria2.addTorrent or aria2.addMetalink will not be saved by --save-session option.

  • Perform SSL/TLS handshake after checking whether connection is established

  • Fixed bug that --enable-mmap won't work if MultiDiskAdaptor is used

  • RPC over SSL/TLS transport

    To enable RPC over SSL/TLS, specify server certificate and private key using --rpc-certificate and --rpc-private-key options and enable --rpc-secure option. After the encryption is enabled, use https and wss scheme to access RPC server.

  • aria2rpc: Added appendUri command

    This command calls aria2.changeUri(GID, fileIndex, [], [URI,...]) internally.

  • Don't send Proxy-Connection header field

  • Don't set SNI hostname if it does not include "." for GNUTLS

  • Disable SSL/TLS compression with OpenSSL

  • Pause download even if download is completed

    This allows to pause and unpause BitTorrent seed.

  • Use execlp() instead of execl()

Source: README.rst, updated 2012-12-01