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This package is based on apertium-eu-es and Matxin en-eu. The Basque morphological analyser comes from apertium-eu-es, originally from Matxin es-eu. The AUTHORS files for apertium-eu-es and Matxin are reproduced, below. Work original to this package is copyright 2011 Jimmy O'Regan, and was produced with funding from the European Association for Machine Translation. AUTHORS for apertium-eu-es: (c) 2008, Prompsit Language Engineering (c) 2005--2008, Universitat d'Alacant (Transducens group) (c) 2005--2007, IXA research group / IXA ikerkuntza taldea (c) 2005--2007, TALP research group, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya AUTHORS for Matxin: IXA Research Group / IXA Ikerkuntza Taldea. TALP Research Center (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya) Centre de Llenguatge i Computacio (Universitat de Barcelona) Universitat d'Alacant / Universidad de Alicante.
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