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* Release 0.3 * Improvements since version 0.2: * Improved tagger (PoS desambiguator) for Aragonese. Changes in the tagger rules ( and unsupervised training in the Wikipedia corpus. * Improvement in coverage and morphology of Aragonese monolingual dictionary. > 546 paradigms, > 21073 lemmae (of which, 8047 proper nouns), including 1921 multi-words. ~568 000 different analyzable surface forms, ~117 500 different generated surface forms. Naïve coverage: from 88.4% in an.wikipedia to 94.0% in a corpus of narrative texts. * Some paradigms fixed (e.g. seguir) * Some rules fixed (e.g. prep+el+que --> prep+o+que) * Some rules added (véase --> se veiga, léaselo --> se lo leiga, behaviour of buen, mal before a noun) * Improved distinction beteen a<pr> and a<det> (a2) and two meanings of "ta" so that the postgenerator can apply different rules to them. * Use of apocopated posesives mi, tu, su is dealt with in analysis. * Periphrastic past dealt with in analysis (synthetic forms are used for generation, although rules for using periphrastic instead are written and commented). * Main pending Issues: * Still room to improve on coverage. * Still much to work on transfer.
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