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Hi there! Just to get the "important" stuff out of the way first: Since this project was written for a high school project and I never had any ideas about monetizing it, you can do whatever you want with it, as long as you give me some kind of credit somewhere. It's licensed under a Creative Commons license on Sourceforge, but only because SF doesn't support WTFPL. As of writing, I've finished version 1.1 of the game, and am very unlikely to continue working seriously on it. Feel free to shoot me a message on sourceforge (xjtian) if you've got questions, suggestions, or bug reports. I'll squish bugs as they pop up, and if I like a suggestion I might implement it myself, but most likely I'll just leave it up to you. The Hg repository is set up as a NetBeans project, so if you have NetBeans and Mercurial you can use the built-in Hg support to clone and put it all into a new project. If you like the game, share it! And if you really like it, I encourage you to download the code and make a better version. I'd really like to see if someone could turn this into a mobile app and make some money off of it. Have fun! -Jacky, 3/30/2012
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