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About Antenna ============================ Welcome to Antenna, a free and open-source dvb-t tuner for linux desktops. Antenna is a full featured tool to see what's going on in the sky. Antenna can: * Scan the sky for new services * Continuosly monitor signal status * Search through known channels and tune * Search and manage favorite channels * See what's on (i.e. listen to radios and watch tvs) * Record streams while watching * Read teletext Installing Antenna (from dist files) ============================ Just double click the on the package, in order to install it as you usually do with your favorite package manager. Then type in a shell: antenna-dtv. Menu shortcuts will come shortly (hopefully!). Installing Antenna (from sources) ============================ Antenna is written in python using gtk and libglade for GUI representation. It relies on a full working shell environment (i.e., tee, grep, ps, wc, df, tr, cut, tail, head, nc...), and asyncproc.py by Thomas Bellman, which is already provided among this files. xdg-user-dirs is used to determinate home's path. One should not interfere with socket used by Antenna, which are 9997, 9996 and (in the future) 9995. Scanning for new channels is performed by Winfried Köhler's w_scan. Tuning is realized with tzap, and femon serves as monitor, so you'll need the dvb suite by LinuxTV expert groups. Video watching (and radio listening) is run by xine. Teletext watching relies on alevt by Froese. In short, in order to succesfully run antenna, you'll need: * python (>2.6) * python-gtk * python-glade2 * tzap and femon, provided by dvb-apps * w_scan, provided by w-scan * xine, provided by xine-ui * xdg-user-dirs * alevt After you've successfully installed all the dependancies, just double click antenna.py. In case of troubles, point your favorite terminal to the folder where you extracted antenna and type python antenna.py and collect term's output to file a bug. Please note that Antenna will not assist you in the process of installation of your dvb-t card (i.e. usb stick). Everything should work already. Please check if you have propertly installed your dvb card by issuing: ls /dev/dvb/adapter0/ if you get something like: frontend0 (other stuff...) This means that everything's allright. If you still experience problems, double check that no other program is using your dvb card (i.e.: kaffeine, me-tv...). Have you done it already, please file a bug. Contact Informations ============================ You might contact the author of antenna via the email at the address: ilcorsaronero@gmail.com, website: http://www.my-lab.it. You might visit Antenna's website: http://antenna-dtv.sf.net/ for further updates. And... BTW... Have an idea? Found a bug? Wanna help? Built a new package? Liked it? Did not like it? Don't hesitate! I'll be glad to hear from you! Sincerely, Antonio License ============================ The whole software is published under the GNU GPL open source license, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html for details. Copyright (C) 2010 by Antonio Passamani
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