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Airtime-themed skins for Mixxx, designed with broadcast users in mind, are available for download and forking here.

These skins provide a simplified interface for live broadcasting which do away with EQ, flange effect, looping and other features required by dance music DJs. Instead, the emphasis is on a clear and uncluttered interface which does not require large mouse movements to operate the most important controls. There are versions available both with and without pitch/tempo controls for beat matching.

Airtime Beatmatch


After downloading one of the skins, extract the zip file and copy it to the skins directory on the computer where Mixxx is installed. For example, on Debian or Ubuntu:

unzip Airtime1280x1024_skin_for_Mixxx.zip

sudo cp -r Airtime1280x1024 /usr/share/mixxx/skins/

Then, start Mixxx and select the Airtime skin by clicking Options, Preferences, then Interface in the Mixxx main menu.

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