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Sourcefabric released Airtime 1.7 on April 5th with some of the top-requested features by users, including automatic recording and rebroadcasting of live shows, JQuery widgets for public-facing websites to display the currently playing track and the schedule, and the ability to cancel or overbook a show. Airtime is the free, open radio software for scheduling and remote station management. The Airtime server software runs on Ubuntu Linux, Debian, and Redhat, and users can interact with it through any web browser. Support packages and custom services are available from Sourcefabric. Airtime 1.7 introduces one of the most-requested features by our users: the ability to record a live show and automatically rebroadcast it at a future date. A live show that broadcasts at 8 am every Monday, for example, can now be automatically rebroadcast at 2 pm on Wednesday and 6 pm on Friday. Airtime 1.7 comes packaged for the first time with a pair of standalone JQuery widgets for public-facing websites to show your visitors what’s currently playing and the upcoming schedule. Airtime now automatically cut shows to fit within time blocks. Following user requests, it’s now possible to overbook a show and Airtime will automatically fade out what is playing and start the next show at the proper time. A show can also now be canceled with a click of a button, addressing the most common feature request of those who were trying out Airtime 1.6 - the ability to stop a show once it was started. Users who take advantage of the OGG and MP3 streams will be happy to hear that the streams now include the station name, show name, and song information. Since a number of users have single-button Apple computers, Sourcefabric have swapped a number of right-click operations for left-clicks instead. And, though there haven’t yet had any requests to support it, Airtime now works under IE8. * Recording and automatic scheduling/broadcasting of live shows o Recording/rebroadcast status of a show is shown in "Now Playing" and "Calendar" o Can rebroadcast a show at multiple times and dates * * Automatic upload of recorded shows to Soundcloud * Ability to over-book a show and automatically cut and fade out song if it goes beyond the show time * Ability to delete audio files * Ability to cancel the currently playing show * Any changes to the schedule are immediately seen by the playout engine o In version 1.6, you had to make sure that your show was ready to go 30 seconds before it started. * * Upgrade support (should be able to upgrade from any version, unlike 1.6.1 which required an uninstall of 1.6.0 first) * "Now Playing" list view: o audio items are now grouped by show. o If a show is not fully scheduled, the user is notified how many seconds of silence are at the end of the show in this View. o Audio items that play past the show's end time have a visual notification that they will be cut off * Ability to change metadata tag display format for web streams * Config files moved to /etc/airtime. This means all config files are in one convenient location and separated from the code, so you can upgrade your code independently of your config files. * Redesign of Preferences screen * Bug fixes: o CC-2082 OGG stream dies after every song when using MPlayer o CC-1894 Warn users about time zone differences or clock drift problems on the server o CC-2058 Utilities are not in the system $PATH o CC-2051 Unable to change user password o CC-2030 Icon needed for Cue In/Out o CC-1955 Special character support in the library search For more information visit http://airtime.sourcefabric.org
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