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2011-09-23 Ahven 2.0 ==================== Changes ------- * Tests can be now given a timeout value. If a test is not executed in the given time, it is stopped and a timeout failure is reported. See '-t' option of the test runners. The timeout feature depends on the possibility to abort a task after a certain amount of time. If the task abortion is not possible, the current test will continue running even after the given timeout. * A test can be now skipped programmatically by calling procedure Skip("Message"). A skipped test are considered to be equal to passed tests, but depending on the test runner, they can have extra "SKIP" information attached. * README is now provided in reStructured text format, just like the manual. Bugs fixed ---------- * Ahven can be compiled on Fedora systems by installing package "libgnat-static". Note: This was not a bug in Ahven but a configuration issue on Fedora. Tero Koskinen <tero.koskinen@iki.fi>
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