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Advanced Trigonometry Calculator is an open source calculator created in its entirety yet by Renato Alexandre dos Santos Freitas. In it you can find a calculator made firstly to solve trigonometric calculations but throughout its development acquired new functions beyond the trigonometric. Capacities such as the introduction and response in four different numerical systems, the introduction and response in SI prefixes, the commands to force the trigonometric calculation mode, the creation and use of variables, the easy use of previous results, the introduction of multiple expressions and the capacity to solve equations systems with complex numbers make this application stands out for its large capacities and its cost to the user.

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  • Resolution of calculations in mass, smart processing of text files (.txt)
  • Various mathematical functions
  • Various functions to help the application use
  • Resolution of complex expressions
  • Multi numerical systems response with scientific notation in binary, octal and hexadecimal
  • Entering different numerical systems value in the same expression
  • Variables creation to perform easily complex calculations
  • SI measurement prefixes response
  • Show current time
  • Show calendar
  • Easy use of previous results
  • Use of “space” key freely
  • User configurations
  • History
  • Arithmetic operations between previous and current expression
  • Constants "e" and "pi"
  • Parentheses system processing
  • Calculations mode and hability to force mode for trigonometric functions
  • High capacity of verification of data entered
  • Validation of variables, including renaming if needed
  • Entering values in SI prefixes, abstaining of the use of powers of 10
  • Introduction of multiple expressions
  • Determiner of day of week with date adjustment algorithm
  • Abbreviations creation, for easier ".txt" files processing.
  • Solve equations systems with complex numbers (a+bi)
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
  • Answering with a number of decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal places predefined by the user
  • Clock
  • Open user guide and download latest version
  • Handle your pc: shutdown, restart, hibernate, log off, sleep and lock


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English, Portuguese

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Science/Research, Education, Telecommunications Industry, Developers, Testers, Engineering

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Console/Terminal, Command-line

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C++, C


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