Adamant Space

3D-Game with large geodic Maps (Globes) - include multiple Game-Genres

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Adamant Space (AS) utilizes many new Technologies to realize high GameSpeed (3D-Graphic, InterActions) with highly resoluted Space/Time in a huge geodic World (Globe) and GamePlay comprises complex Interactions between GameObjects and real Players.

Many GameGenres are intended to cover resp covered Aspects inside GameWorld allow to cover a Lot of different known Game-Genres like RPG RolePlayGame, RTS RealTimeStrategy, MUD MultiUserDungeon, ESG EconomySimulationGame etc. It's not about Covering GameGenres but about Covering (most basic) Features of Reality like Needs/Consume/Production/Trade as Base for Economy. Defined MileStones on RoadMap are: GEO: physical Model of Enviroment, BIO: Flora&Fauna with LifeCycle (wo Darwin), PSY: Life do AI to get their Food&Water&etc., ARCH for Constructions and Building. If that MileStone got archieved adding Features means adding GameFun and next Add is: ECO -- a real Economy of real economizing Individuals which represent real Markets.

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  • --- Ambiente ---
  • Geodic Map Topology/Morphology --- "Worlds" are approximated Globes/Spheres
  • Day/Night-Cycle by PlanetRotation and CentralStar effects Illumination/Temperature
  • Seasons by AxialTilt and elliptic Orbit around CetranlStar effects Illumination/Temperature
  • simple&credible Model for global&local Wind&Weather
  • GEO: SoilComposition for Nutrients/Suitability for Plants and SoilResources for Exploitation
  • BIO: PHY (LifeCycle, MetaBolism) and PSY (AI)
  • ZOO: WildLife (Flora&Fauna) with FoodChains
  • --- at this Point the Game's Board as Ambiente is ready ---
  • ITEM: Materials, Foods, Goods, Tools, Equipment
  • ARCH: Buildings and Constructions (Houses/Bridges/..) --> Settlement
  • TEC: Technology - we can hardly do what we don't know - Tec is KnowHow
  • ECO: Consume& Production, Demand&Supply, Competition, Trade
  • MOV: Vehicles and Mounts increase Range of InterActions
  • SeaFaring --- Matters of Sailing and Navigation, Measuring and Cartography
  • --- Exploration and Discovery of unknown Territory and LandScapes ---
  • SCI: Sciences like GeoLogy (Cartography and Minerals), BioLogy (Flora&Fauna),
  • COMM: Sharing of Informations between Players like NauticalCharts etc
  • --- at this Point the Game already makes Fun to play even it's still rather basic --
  • RPG, Avatar, Adventures/Campaigns, R&D Research&Development, Culture, Politics .......

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