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This program is called Address Book to Mutt. Its sole function is to perform lookups in the MacOS X Address Book and feed the results to the terminal in a format that the e-mail program Mutt (http://www.mutt.org) can understand for e-mail address queries and e-mail address completion. This program will show the company name of the individual in the address book as the right hand column, which mutt will put in parenthesis next to the queried name. To use with Mutt, add the following line to your ~/.muttrc (or similar) file: set query_command = "abtomutt '%s'" This abtomutt program will work as described in the Mutt manual: http://dev.mutt.org/doc/manual.html#query The search performed is done against any full or partial match on first name or last name in the MacOS X address book. Only one search string can be passed to the program at one time. All strings are converted to ASCII before being used as search terms and before displaying them on the screen at this time. I am still working on this software. If you would like to see any features added or problems fixed, please e-mail me at sfisher@sdf.org NOTE: The generated files from autotools are no longer in the Subversion repository. To create them when doing an svn checkout, just run autoreconf.
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