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Amedyn CVS Build 07-10-2006 Success mdv2007

  • Ronald Miranda
    Ronald Miranda

    - Mandriva 2007 One
    - Kernel 2.6.17-5mdvlegacy
    - Amedyn CVS
    - pppoa

    Thank you for this ^^. I downloaded amedyn cvs from home page, I moved Init-usb.bin,Fw-usb_A.bin and fw-usb.bin to /lib/firmware.

    I changed this in /amedyn/scripts/amload.h

    # Mount USB file systems if is not mounted
    #mt_old=`mount -t usbdevfs`
    #mt_new=`mount -t usbfs`
    #if [ "$mt_old" = "" ] && [ "$mt_new" = "" ]; then
    #  echo $">>> Mounting USB file system..."
    #  mount -t usbfs usbfs /proc/bus/usb || mount -t usbdevfs none /proc/bus/usb || exit 1
    #  echo

    After this I wrote make.
    make install.

    I edited condiguration files(/etc/amedyn, /etc/ppp/pap-secret )

    It works.

    Thank you again.