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ZXSpectr 3.5 released

. New: Spectrum 128k Spanish Emulation
. Fixed paging state in debug menu
. Fixed bug in documentation: tap file header example
. Some other minor changes in documentation
. Added help screen
. Changed menu cursor when filename selection options
. Changed this file name
. Added keyboard layout screen file
. Changed behaviour of PgDn key in file selection
. Utilities SMPATAP, TAPABIN, SP_Z80 also for Linux
. Fixed bug on loading .SP files. It was not working since a long time ago
. Added spectrum cursors emulation with cursor keys. You can change between kempston or cursor emulation
Now the cursor keys emulate spectrum cursors by default

Posted by Cesar Hernandez 2013-09-19

ZXSpectr 3.4 Released

. New: Extended keys emulation
. Deleted pc speaker emulation. This mode can no longer be used since version 3.1
. Sorting of file lists. Fixed bug when file limit reached
. New: Sound recording to .raw files
. New: Video recording to .vga files
. Improved error handling
. Changed some menu names
. Changed tape emulation functions. Deleted custom ports 204, 205 & 206
. Fixed bug when inserting files and powering off the floppy motor

Posted by Cesar Hernandez 2008-12-02

ZXSpectr 3.3 Released

Version 3.3. 16 September 2008
. Fixed screen update routine. At least, 1 FPS. Useful for slow computers or MS-DOS emulators.

Posted by Cesar Hernandez 2008-10-01

ZXSpectr 3.2 Released

Version 3.2. 25 September 2006
. Fixed bug when real tape loading and no sound in Line IN
. Changed the documentation format. Now it's OpenOffice and PDF
. Changed synchronization method: SoundBlaster and Timer
. New: Noise Emulation
. New: Screen autoframeskip
. Better version in Windows 2000/XP environment

Posted by Cesar Hernandez 2006-12-18

ZXSpectr 3.1 beta 4 released

. Fixed bug when inserting tapes
. Added experimental emulation of AY chip. It doesn't have noise emulation and envelopes
. Added 3 demos to the distribution: THECUBE, NOUMENON, POWER_UP

Posted by Cesar Hernandez 2003-03-23

Bug in ZXSpectr Beta 2 & 3

Hi have found a bug that may hang your computer when loading .TAP or .ZX files on real MS-DOS, not on DOS window.
I will fix it on beta 4 as soon as possible

Posted by Cesar Hernandez 2003-03-18

ZXSpectr 3.1 beta 3 released

Fixed bug in screen updating on Inves mode

Posted by Cesar Hernandez 2003-03-13

New Version 3.1 beta 2 released

. Added rainbowing effect (again!)
. Fixed bug when showing registers in 48k mode
. Now, the default language is English
. Added Dynamite Dan 2 to the distribution

Posted by Cesar Hernandez 2003-03-07

New Version 3.1 beta 1 released

It now works on a DOS window.
Screen refresh frequency to 50 Hz
Soundblaster sound done through DMA transfers. I have to modify ay chip routines to work.

Posted by Cesar Hernandez 2003-03-01