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Memcache and other features

  • jasondavis

    Hello I have used XAMPP for years but have always been on the lookout for something exactly like this, the key features that this has that I want are PHP, MySQL, Apache, MongoDB, Memcache(d) and the nice menu that lets you easily access files like the Windows HOSTS file is exactly what I wanted to build but you have built this amazing program.

    The one thing I see it is missing for me right now is Memcache and it looks like it used to be part of this?

    Is there a reason that Memcache is no longer included? Would it be hard to add it in? What about Redis Cache? http://redis.io/

    Another question, is this project open source? If it is, it it possible to get the latest source code? I would be willing to pay someone to enhance this even further.

    Lastly, how hard is it to update things like PHP, Apache, MySQL when new versions come out, is it possible to update them ourself or does it require changes in the code?

    I know this is a lot of different questions but if you can help, would appreciate any input, thanks

    Last edit: jasondavis 2012-12-01