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problem with resizing window in ZGRViewer

  • Alan Franks
    Alan Franks


    I'm seeing a problem with ZGRViewer when I try to resize or maximize
    the main window when viewing a graph. To be more specific, the
    ToolPalette doesn't seem to update correctly... it doesn't relocate
    to the left edge of the view window. It ends up just to the left of
    the graph, in the middle of the view window. At this point, it no
    longer responds to mouse clicks. Adoes anyone have any idea what's
    happening, and how it might be fixed?

    I am running ZGRViewer under jre1.5.0_09. Everything else in ZGRViewer
    appears to be working ok, with the exception of this ToolPalette issue.

    I can file a bug on this, but I wanted to ask first and see if this is a
    known problem, or maybe something related to the particular version of
    the JRE that I'm using.


    • Hello,

      Sorry for the late answer, I do not check the public forums very often. It is better to use the mailing list or bug reporting system.

      This is indeed a bug that I have noticed. It does not seem to occur systematically, though. Please file a bug report. Could you also specify your OS?