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ztracker / News: Recent posts

What, exactly, is up

Hi all. Sorry things have been so dead. zt/2 has been under development for the past few months, but I have been in my final year of university and working developing software for a company. Because of this (add in making music, a girlfriend, and fun,) i have been VERY busy and have not really had time for this project. I really do not know when i will have time to work on this in the near future, as i am very burned out from the past 6 months, but I have not forgotten about this.. if anyone would like to take over active development for the time being, please let me know.

Posted by Chris Micali 2003-05-05

summer info

ive been getting alot of questions about zt2 recently.. i havent had any time to touch it for the past month or so.. i am taking summer calsses and they are taking alot of energy. i begin working next week and hopefully i will have alot of time to work on it. i cant give any dates or promises, but when zt2 hits the shelves, i promise it will be devistating. ;)

Posted by Chris Micali 2002-07-08

0.98 release

0.98 is released... another maitenance release to fix crashes, bugs, and user-requested changes (including that stupid step-edit bug at the bottom of a pattern)

Posted by Chris Micali 2002-06-15

zt 0.971 and zt2 news

zt 0.971 was released.. it fixes a few bugs. zt2 work is in full swing now... just as a taste here is a very very early screenshot... dont assume anything, but it'll give a tiny idea of where things are at


Posted by Chris Micali 2002-05-28

zt 0.97 release

Everybody email nic (zonaj@users.sf.net) and tell him thanks for zt 0.97.. he did alot of user-requested features and bug fixes.

Posted by Chris Micali 2002-04-15

zt2 requested information

Hey guys.. im on vacation in scottland right now, having breakfast at a cafe while my good friend is at class at st. andrews. Glad to see the interest, ive even been designing some zt2 stuff during my offtime here.. ill post some screens when i get back (and a beta as soon as you can make music with it) but here's the intended result, current state, and tenative roadmap for zt2

-- zt2 raison d'etre... read more

Posted by Chris Micali 2002-03-20

zt 0.96 released

Just a quick release .. implimented a few nice features and decided to share them :)

zt2 is still comming along, and starting to look very nice

Posted by Chris Micali 2002-03-15

zt2 progress

zt2 is finally really underway now.. we're about at 15k lines of code (zt1 is like around 22 i think) and its looking really niec already, and it will be _great_ when finished. you can see on CVS the progress that is being made. its comming, its comming =]

Posted by Chris Micali 2002-03-06

Request for zt/2 Coders

If anyone is out there with C++ experience (win32 not required,) I could really use some help with zt/2. Its already on CVS so go check it out. Please email me (micali@concentric.net) if you are interested. Thanks.


Posted by Chris Micali 2002-02-14

Where am i?

Ok i know ive been flakey the past few months.. lots to do (im a student you know.)

But the real reason zt hasnt really been comming along is because im putting most of my (limited) efforts into zt/2 ... all i can say is that it is going to be really really cool... much more stable, and do everything thats on all the lists and alot more. Its more along than you might expect. I will post some screenshots in the next few weeks.... read more

Posted by Chris Micali 2002-02-14

zt 0.95 released

A smallish update including some very very serious fixes to playback code and a bunch of user requested features/bugfixes

Posted by Chris Micali 2001-12-10

0.94 released + new skin

0.94 has been released.. improved stability and a few new features, plus a new skin, x.seed, courtesy of Demmas.

Posted by Chris Micali 2001-11-10

0.93 released

Prolly the last big release for a while.. this adds some much-requested features, fixes alot of bugs, and cleans everything up.

Posted by Chris Micali 2001-08-23

zt 0.923 released - new tracker mode

Ok continuing with the stream of small buggy releases, 0.923 hopefully fixes up all the little problems and adds one new much-requested feature: Tracker mode. This is set per-instrument and makes all notes ignore the length field and will auto-send a note-off when another note is encountered in the same track. Enjoy

Posted by Chris Micali 2001-08-20

new 0.92 compatible skins

Thomas Sorensen has provided us with two really cool skins. The really cool c64 skin has been updated to work with 0.921 and a new skin called reaktor modeled after the softsynth with the same name.

Posted by Chris Micali 2001-08-19

zt 0.921 released

Some quick fixes for 0.92.. some very serious so upgrade!

Posted by Chris Micali 2001-08-19

zt 0.92 released

Bunch of fixes and a few new features.. check che changelog and enjoy!

Posted by Chris Micali 2001-08-17

zt 0.91 release

zt 0.91 is out. this is mainly a quick set of fixes for some serious and not so seriosu problems present in 0.90.. also to make it a little more exciting, a nice new skin is included

Posted by Chris Micali 2001-08-16

0.91 quickfix comming

A few quick fixes to some serious problems will be released friday..

Posted by Chris Micali 2001-08-16

zt 0.90 released

Version 0.90 of ztracker, the win32 midi sequencer, has been released. This is the biggest release to date featuring much better windowed mode support, improved midi-in, loads of requested feature additions and fixes, and general stability improvements. If you have some midi gear or want to track using your softsynths, check this out.

Skin developers should get the zt-0.90-src.zip pacakge also. It includes the origional skin .psds to help you along.

Posted by Chris Micali 2001-08-14

zt is one year old

zt is one year old now. thanks to everyone who has helped it become what it is now!

Posted by Chris Micali 2001-07-22

zt 0.90 in cvs

zt 0.90 is in cvs.. it uses SDL instead of libCON now so windowed mode is as fast as fullscreen, and fullscreen is many times faster than it was before. if all goes well, 0.90 will be released within the next month or so. this will be a big update!

Posted by Chris Micali 2001-07-19

zt 0.85 released

ztracker 0.85 has been released. This is mainly a bug fix release + one feature. Enjoy!

Posted by Daniel Kahlin 2001-06-07

ztracker status - cm vacation

Hi all. Just a little note to update you all on what's going to happen for the summer. The Summer Edition thing does not mean there will not be any more releases over the summer, but I (cmicali) will not be able to work on zt at all until september 1. I am at home now and I dont have my development box.. I also don't have my midi gear with me. Plus, in about a week, im going on vacation for a month. Zonaj, lipid, and tlr are going to take over for the summer, and hopefully they will make a few releases. Good luck, and i'll see you next fall. (also, (*advert*) please dont forget about the donations.. im trying to get money together for a sampler.. that would help me fix alot of the loop/sampler related bugs :)... read more

Posted by Chris Micali 2001-05-24

zt 0.84 released

0.84 has been released. Thanks to all who have worked on it. Enjoy!

Posted by Chris Micali 2001-05-11